Earlier blogs in this series have explored how a sample of 35 American comic books and 9 graphic novels portrayed drug use, the causes of addiction, and addiction-related consequences on individuals and families. The present blog explores dominant themes related to the portrayal of addiction recovery. Limited Portrayal of the Recovery Experience While addiction is(……)

Closed organizations are marked by a kind of moral disorientation that makes the corruption of founding values possible and rationally justifiable. Sustained isolation and the loss of objective, internal feedback means the absence of any moral or ethical gyroscope within the organization. What’s amazing is not that ethical breaches or outright corruption are rationalized inside(……)

In the first two blogs in this series, we explored the historical portrayal of drug use and addiction in American comic books and graphics novels as well as the factors related to addiction vulnerability. The present blog examines the portrayal of addiction-related effects on global health and social functioning within 35 American comic books and(……)