Dr. Tom Horvath recently posted a blog on the “dual citizenship phenomenon”–individuals who concurrently participate in SMART Recovery and AA or other 12-step meetings.  We share Dr. Horvath’s interest in this phenomenon of people simultaneously involved in secular, spiritual and religious recovery support groups–groups whose core ideas and practices would on the surface seem to(……)

This week, leaders, volunteers and participants of SMART Recovery will gather in Washington, D.C. to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of their organization.  In recent years, I have had the pleasure of interviewing current and former leaders of SMART Recovery, including Dr. Joe Gerstein, Dr. Tom Horvath, Tom Litwicki, and Richard Philips.  I have also served(……)

In 2006, Ernie Kurtz and I co-authored an essay entitled Varieties of Recovery Experience that was published in the International Journal of Self-Help and Self-Care. It was an early attempt to map the growing pathways and styles of long-term addiction recovery.  The proposition that there are multiple pathways of recovery has since become a central mantra(……)