Selected Papers of William L. White

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Ernie Kurtz


Ernie Kurtz at Bill Wilson Desk at Stepping Stones
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View Filepdf1982 The Tragedy of Southern Religion
View Filepdf1982 Why AA Works: Intellectual Significance of AA
View Filepdf1986 AA as a Phenomenon of American Religious History
View Filepdf1988 Here's to Spuds
View Filepdf1988 Spiritual Rather than Religious: A Contribution of AA
View Filepdf1989 Bill W. Takes LSD
View Filepdf1990 The Spirituality of William James: A Lesson from Alcoholics Anonymous
View Filepdf1991 Shame in the Nineties
View Filepdf1992 Commentary on Lay Treatment
View Filepdf1992 Research on Alcoholics Anonymous: The Historical Context
View Filepdf1993 AA Grapevine History
View Filepdf1994 Drs. Miller & Kurtz on Models of Alcoholism
View Filepdf1994 Miller and Kurtz Models of Alcoholism
View Filepdf1996 Foreword Moderate Drinking
View Filepdf1996 Spirituality and Recovery: The Historical Journey
View Filepdf1996 What Ever Happened to Twelve Step Programs?
View Filepdf1997 Doing History
View Filepdf1997 Varieties of the Alcoholics Anonymous Experience
View Filepdf1998 Spirituality and Psychotherapy The Historical Context
View Filepdf2002 AA and the Disease Concept
View Filepdf2003 Robinson Brower & Kurtz Spirituality of Persons Entering Alcoholism Treatment
View Filepdf2007 Telephone/Internet Recovery Support
View Filepdf2008 White & Kurtz Twelve Defining Moments in the History of Alcoholics Anonymous
View Filepdf2010 White & Kurtz A Message of Tolerance and Celebration: Multiple Pathways of Recovery in the Writings of Alcoholics Anonymous co-founder Bill Wilson
View Filepdf2011 White & Kurtz The Varieties of Recovery Experience
View Filepdf2012 Strobbe and Kurtz Narratives of Recovery
View Filepdf2014 Flaherty, Kurtz, White, & Larson Secular, Spiritual, and Religious Pathways of Long-term Addiction Recovery
View Filepdf2014 Spirituality and Addiction Recovery
View Filepdf2015 Kurtz and White Recovery Spirituality
View Filepdf2020 Ernie Kurtz, Recovery, and the Power of Story
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