Selected Papers of William L. White

Senior Research Consultant

Chestnut Health Systems

Friends & Favorites

Dr. Stephen Bamber

View FilepdfDr. Stephen Bamber on Recovery & Community
View FilepdfDr. Stephen Bamber on The Spiritual Self

Dr. Thomasina Borkman

View FilepdfDr. Thomasina Borkman on Experiential Knowledge
View FilepdfDr. Thomasina Borkman on Recovery Planning

Dr. Suzanne Brent

View FilepdfDr. Suzanne Brent History of Alcoholism Treatment in the U.S. (1996)

Marcus Chatfield

View FilepdfMarcus Chatfield on Totalist Teen Treatment (Experiences & Impact)

Dr. David Deitch

View FilepdfDr. David Deitch on Role of Paraprofessional

Drs. Michael Dennis & Christy Scott

View FilepdfDrs. Dennis & Scott Introductions
View FilepdfDrs. Dennis & Scott on Addiction as a Chonic Condition

Mr. Hossein Dezhakam

View FilepdfMr. Hossein Dezhakam Introduction
View FilepdfHossein Dezhakam on X Theory and DST Method
View FilepdfCrossing the Zone
View FilepdfLove: Fourteen Valleys of Recovery
View FilepdfInnovations in Addiction Treatment and Recovery: The Story of Congress 60
View FilepdfThe Blissful State
View FilepdfHypothesis of Drug Addiction and X System Theory
View FilepdfWhite Eagle
View FilepdfHossein Dezhakam Addiction Engineering
View FilepdfThe Love Book Fourteen Valleys to Know Thyself

Drs. Mark & Susan Godley

View FilepdfDrs. Mark and Susan Godley, et al on Assertive Continuing Care
pptGodley et al Young Adult JMATE Presentation

Tom Hill

View FilepdfTom Hill on Recovery as Radical Transformation
View FilepdfTom Hill on Recovery & Servant Leadership
View FilepdfTom Hill on History of Queer Experience with Addiction and Recovery
View FilepdfTom Hill Pride and Recovery as Acts of Resistance

Dr. Keith Humphreys

View FilepdfDr. Keith Humphreys Introduction
View FilepdfDr. Keith Humphreys on Self Help Groups & Policy
Go To Link2017 Benjamin Lecture: AA and Psychology []

Dr. Ernie Kurtz

View FilepdfDr. Ernie Kurtz Introduction
View FilepdfDrs. Miller & Kurtz on Models of Alcoholism
View FilepdfDr. Ernie Kurtz on Twelve Step Programs
View FilepdfDr. Ernie Kurtz on Doing history
View FilepdfDr. Ernie Kurtz on AA & the Disease Concept
View FilepdfShame & Guilt
View FilepdfThe Collected Ernie Kurtz

Dr. Alexandre Laudet

View FilepdfDr. Alexandre Laudet Introduction
pptDr. Alexandre Laudet: Building A Science of Recovery
pptDr. Alexandre Laudet: ATTC Presentation on ROSC

Dr. Gail Milgram

View FilepdfDr. Gail Milgram The Rutgers Experience

Dr. Aurora Levins Morales

View FilepdfDr. Aurora Levins Morales Historian as Curandera

Dr. Harold Mulford

View FilepdfMulford 1970 Meeting The Problems of Alcohol Abuse
View FilepdfMulford 1976 Community Alcoholism Counselor Consultant
View FilepdfMulford 1976 Alcohol Abuse and Citizen Action
View FilepdfMulford 1978 Accelerating the Natural Alcoholic Recovery Process
View FilepdfMulford 1988 Enhancing the Natural Control of Drinking Behavior
View FilepdfMulford 1990 Helping Alcoholics
View FilepdfDr. Harold Mulford 2001 Memoir

Dr. Don Ottenberg

View FilepdfDr. Don Ottenberg on Counselor Credentials

Dr. Ron Roizen

View FilepdfDr. Ron Roizen on Mann's Discovery of Alcoholism Disease

Dr. Robin Room

View FilepdfDr. Robin Room on Governing Images & Drinking Problems

Mark Sanders

View FilepdfMark Sanders on African American Community Response to Addiction
View FilepdfMark Sanders on Integrating Cultural Competence
View FilepdfMark Sanders on African American Pathways of Recovery
View FilepdfMark Sanders on Cross Cultural Counseling of African Americans
View FilepdfMark Sanders on African American Healing Forest
View FilepdfMark Sanders on Promoting African American Recovery
View FilepdfMark Sanders on Trauma Informed Care for African Americans
View FilepdfMark Sanders on African American Children of Addicted Parents

Richard Simonelli

View FilepdfRichard Simonelli Introduction
View FilepdfRichard Simonelli What is Recovery
View FilepdfRichard Simonelli Uncovery
View FilepdfRichard Simonelli The River
View FilepdfRichard Simonelli Addiction and the Contemplative Life

Jon Soske

View FilepdfRecovery Needs Its Stonewall

Dr. John Wallace

View FilepdfDr. John Wallace on the Alcoholic's Preferred Defense Structure

Roger Wheatley

View FilepdfRoger Wheatley on the History of Benning House

Pamela Woll

View FilepdfPamela Woll Recovery Anthem: Stronger as We Rise

Jim Wrich

View FilepdfJim Wrich Reflections on the History of Employee Assistance Programs
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