As my long-time readers are aware, I occasionally take breaks from weekly blogging. That time has arrived again. During this hiatus, I encourage you to read any of the 350+ blogs you may have missed in this series. A listing/links to the recovery blogs posted to date at appears below. Thanks to each of(……)

Imagine a treatment setting that integrates time-limited reparative medication support, sustained psychological and peer-based personal and family social support, athletic competition, involvement in the arts, and community service activities. Imagine a community of recovering people whose collective goal is nothing short of the fundamental reconstruction of one’s body, mind, character, spirit, and relationships. For more(……)

We must go where the pain and peril are greatest and the quest for real solutions is most desperate. Van Jones, Beyond the Messy TruthIndividuals re-entering the community from jail/prison or residential addiction treatment and those disengaging from medication-assisted treatment are at increased risks of addiction recurrence and drug-related death. Such risks lessen if individuals(……)

Effective recovery community organizations (RCOs) seek meaningful representation of people in personal/family recovery within the decision-making venues that affect their lives. RCOs also try to prevent cultural appropriation/exploitation of the recovery experience. (See Bill Stauffer’s recent blog.) Including the voices of people in recovery is an essential but oft-neglected element within systems of care seeking(……)

As a writer and recovery activist, I spend considerable time thinking about the growing varieties of recovery experience and the state of recovery advocacy throughout the world. Below are a few brief reflections that may stimulate your own thinking about recovery and recovery advocacy.Addiction Decompression: As you enter the predatory world of addiction, you must(……)

When Mrs. Marty Mann announced the formation of the National Committee for Education on Alcoholism in 1944, she called upon local communities to establish a local alcoholism information center, a hospital-based detoxification unit, a clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of alcoholism, and “rest centers” for the long-term care of alcoholics. Since that time, and(……)

In the opening decade of the 2000s, there were calls from multiple quarters to shift the organizing center of the alcohol and other drug (AOD) problems field from a focus on addiction-related pathology and the nuances of clinical intervention to a focus on  personal, family, and community recovery (See HERE, HERE, and HERE). We spoke(……)

A surging recovery advocacy movement, the rise of new recovery support institutions, and advancements in digital technologies set the stage for the birth and rapid evolution of online digital recovery support platforms. These digital platforms have experienced explosive growth during the current coronavirus pandemic.Ronald Tannebaum and Ken Pomerance, two men in long-term recovery, founded (ITR)(……)

In 1998, Mr. Hossein Dezhakam founded the Congress 60 addiction recovery community within the Islamic Republic of Iran. Congress 60 has since grown to embrace more than 110,000 members organized within its 58 branches located within the major population centers of Iran. I have profiled the history and methods of this innovative recovery community (see(……)

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.—Isaac Newton, 1675One legacy of living a long life is that you experience the progressive loss of people who have influenced your life. These losses in the face of such sustained survival engender a mix of grief, survival guilt, and a renewed(……)