Selected Papers of William L. White

Senior Research Consultant

Chestnut Health Systems

Addiction History Briefs

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View FilepdfEarly Inhalant Intoxication 1970
View FilepdfToward a Psychedelic Youth Culture 1970
View FilepdfEarly American Alcohol & Tobacco Use 2014
View FilepdfAlcohol & Alcoholism in Early American Medicine 2014
View FilepdfEarly Concerns about Fetal Alcohol Effects 2014
View FilepdfManaging Alcohol and Drug Use in Colonial America 2014
View FilepdfNew Republic on a Binge 2014
View FilepdfAlcohol & Slavery 2014
View FilepdfAlcohol Prohibition 2014
View FilepdfChloral Hydrate & Other Early Intoxicants 2014
View FilepdfBirth of the American Drug Culture 2014
View FilepdfThe Hypodermic Syringe & the Rise of Addiction 2014
View FilepdfOpium in America: The Early Story 2014
View FilepdfOpiate Addiction and the Civil War 2014
View FilepdfPatent Medicine and Addiction in America 2014
View FilepdfEarly American Addiction Biographies 2014
View FilepdfCocaine in Black and White: The Early Story 2014
View FilepdfRace & Class in Early Anti-drug Legislation 2014
View FilepdfMultiple Drug Use in the 1880s 2014
View FilepdfHeroin's Early Arrival & Spread 2014
View FilepdfIntroduction of Barbiturates into Medicine 2014
View FilepdfEarly Criminalization of Narcotic Addiction 2014
View FilepdfHeroin Addiction in the 1950s 2014
View FilepdfAddiction Criminalization in the 1950s 2014
View FilepdfJazz, Junk & Billie Holiday 2014
View FilepdfAmphetamines: The Early Story 2014
View FilepdfBefore LSD was Acid 2014
View FilepdfThe Beats 2014
View FilepdfTimothy Leary & LSD 2014
View FilepdfHead Shops & Paraphernalia Controversies 2014
View FilepdfThe Evolution of Drug Dealing in the 1960s 2014
View FilepdfSpeed Kills Or Does It? 2014
View FilepdfThe Story of Quaaludes 2014
View FilepdfMarijuana Decriminalization: The First Wave 2014
View FilepdfThe Mysterious Tale of the Psychedelic Toad 2014
View FilepdfDesigner Drugs, China White, & MPTP 2014
View FilepdfTs and Blues and Planned Synergism 2014
View FilepdfSubstance Use & the Early AIDS Epidemic 2014
View FilepdfResurging Heroin Addiction in the Late 1990s 2014
View FilepdfKen Kesey & His Pranksters 2014
View FilepdfLook Alike Drugs 2014
View FilepdfThe Bureau of Narcotics 2014
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