People in addiction recovery possess multiple vulnerabilities as they face the personal challenges of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Compared to the general population, they are older and have higher rates of co-occurring health conditions. Those in early recovery may have limited capacities for coping with the emotional, relational, and financial distress imposed by the pandemic.(……)

Individuals matter. Character matters. Values matter. Social contribution matters. If a living testament to those propositions has ever existed within the worlds of addiction treatment and recovery advocacy, it was within the life of Thomas A. Kirk, Jr., Ph.D., who died April 9, 2020, from complications of COVID-19.Dr. Kirk served for many years as the(……)

Some random thoughts excerpted from my journals during my recent blogging hiatus.On Weak Recovery Definitions: At its central core, addiction recovery is a radically altered relationship between an individual and the psychoactive drugs that once dominated their life. Any definition of recovery that does not reference a change in that relationship fails on multiple levels.(……)

Since its founding in the mid-twentieth century, Narcotics Anonymous (NA) has emerged as a major addiction recovery support resource, with more than 71,000 weekly NA meetings in 144 countries. But what is known about the effects of NA participation from the standpoint of science? To answer that question, Marc Galanter, Keith Humphreys, John Kelly, and(……)