In 1911, sociologist Robert Michels, set forth his “iron law of oligarchy,” describing the tendency of all organizations, regardless of their democratic intentions, to move toward control of the organization by a small elite. Since then, others have pointed out exceptions to Michels’ principle, while others offered continued cautions on this tendency toward oligarchy and(……)

For more than two centuries, recovery mutual aid organizations have constituted a primary resource for individuals and families around the world seeking resolution of alcohol and other drug problems. While considerable research has been devoted to evaluating the effectiveness of religious, spiritual, and secular addiction recovery mutual aid groups, the factors that promote the rise,(……)

“All science is modeling. In all science you are abstracting from nature. The question is: is it a useful abstraction….Does it help solve a problem?” ― Michael Lewis, The PremonitionImagine realizing that you or a loved one has developed an ever-worsening alcohol or other drug (AOD) problem. Now imagine that everywhere you look to understand or(……)