If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.—Isaac Newton, 1675One legacy of living a long life is that you experience the progressive loss of people who have influenced your life. These losses in the face of such sustained survival engender a mix of grief, survival guilt, and a renewed(……)

Those of us with a personal or professional stake in the alcohol and other drug problems arena find ourselves questioning the differences between:1) people who use alcohol and other drugs (AOD) without developing a substance use disorder (SUD) versus those who develop such a disorder of great severity, complexity, and chronicity; 2) people who resolve AOD/SUD(……)

I recently posted a blog on the art of recovery noting a rising generation of fashion designers, filmmakers, poets, painters, photographers, sculptors, playwrights, actors, novelists, biographers, bloggers, comedians, songwriters, musicians, singers, dancers, scholars, teachers, and social activists who are using their talents to carry a message of healing and hope through their creative endeavors. In(……)

Leaders within the alcohol and other drug (AOD) problems arena have interrogated the terms alcohol/drug/substance “abuse” and “abuser” and concluded that such language represents the stigmatizing misapplication of moral language to a medical condition, and that such language has no scientific validity. There is growing consensus to purge the “abuse” and “abuser” language at public,(……)

A “renaissance” is a period of intense cultural renewal and innovation. Whether speaking of “The Renaissance” of the fourteen to sixteenth centuries or the “Harlem Renaissance” of the 1920s in America, such eras mark dramatic shifts in cultural values and surges in scholarly, artistic, and technological advancement. This brief essay reviews the emergence of a(……)