In 1911, sociologist Robert Michels, set forth his “iron law of oligarchy,” describing the tendency of all organizations, regardless of their democratic intentions, to move toward control of the organization by a small elite. Since then, others have pointed out exceptions to Michels’ principle, while others offered continued cautions on this tendency toward oligarchy and(……)

Definition of Custodian – a person who has responsibility for or looks after something.We are in a critical stage of the recovery movement in America, and we need to think carefully on what direction we go as a community and what we do to ensure that we expand recovery opportunities for the next generation. We(……)

For more than a decade, I have regularly corresponded with Mr. Hossein Dezhakam (HD), founder of the Congress 60 recovery community within the Islamic Republic of Iran, on the subject of addiction recovery and the challenges faced by leaders of recovery community organizations (RCOs). A recent increase in questions posed to me about RCO leadership(……)