As my long-time readers are aware, I occasionally take breaks from weekly blogging. That time has arrived again. During this hiatus, I encourage you to read any of the 350+ blogs you may have missed in this series. A listing/links to the recovery blogs posted to date at appears below. Thanks to each of(……)

As a writer and recovery activist, I spend considerable time thinking about the growing varieties of recovery experience and the state of recovery advocacy throughout the world. Below are a few brief reflections that may stimulate your own thinking about recovery and recovery advocacy.Addiction Decompression: As you enter the predatory world of addiction, you must(……)

A “renaissance” is a period of intense cultural renewal and innovation. Whether speaking of “The Renaissance” of the fourteen to sixteenth centuries or the “Harlem Renaissance” of the 1920s in America, such eras mark dramatic shifts in cultural values and surges in scholarly, artistic, and technological advancement. This brief essay reviews the emergence of a(……)

“Just because you are a character does not mean that you have character.” Wolf, Pulp Fiction“A man got to have a code.” Bunk/Omar, The WireWhat is the role of character reconstruction in addiction recovery? In recovery activism? I have repeatedly returned to these questions over the course of my adult life, especially as young recovery(……)

Public employees, including those working in municipal, state, and federal agencies responsible for planning and funding of alcohol and other drug (AOD) prevention and treatment services, receive more than their fair share of criticism from multiple quarters, and work within these bureaucracies can be extremely frustrating at times. But, in these organizations, windows of opportunity(……)

A Historical Summit (Bill White)In 2001, more than 130 recovery advocates from more than 30 states gathered in Saint Paul, Minnesota at the invitation of the Johnson Institute’s Alliance Project and with support of the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment’s (CSAT) Recovery Community Support Program (RCSP). That gathering marked the formal launch of a new(……)

 Remarks of William WhiteFloridians For Recovery 2021 Summit I regret that recent health challenges prevent me from joining you today in person but I am grateful for the opportunity to pass along some brief reflections on recovery leadership.As new recovery community organizations (RCOs) linked themselves into a national advocacy movement in the late 1990s, we were(……)

He who shows himself at every place will someday look for a place to hide. –African ProverbEarlier blogs in this series explored the benefits and limitations of public recovery disclosure, the potential risks to multiple parties involved in such disclosure, and the ethics of recovery disclosure. In this final blog in the series, we explore(……)