Addiction recovery is far more than the removal of drugs from an otherwise unchanged life. Recent definitions of recovery transcend radical changes in the person-drug relationship and encompass enhanced global health and social functioning. The authors have carried on a decades-long interest in what has been christened full recovery or amplified recovery—a state of enhanced(……)

In my blog of January 29, 2016, I reviewed recent research on remission and recovery from cannabis use disorders in the United States. I outlined the dependency-producing properties of cannabis and the nature and prevalence of cannabis dependence (1.6% of the U.S. general population and 18% of people entering addiction treatment in the U.S.). At(……)

 It is time to celebrate the lives of scientists who have moved beyond the study of addiction and addiction treatment into the frontier of addiction recovery research. Of particular note would be those scientists who have achieved a sustained focus on addiction recovery, conducted and published multiple studies in the field’s leading journals, and whose(……)

Recent studies offer new insights into the prevalence and processes of remission/recovery from cannabis use disorders.When I first entered the rising addiction treatment system in the United States nearly half a century ago, there existed no clinical concept of cannabis dependence and thus no concept of recovery from this condition. In early treatment settings, cannabis was(……)

“…in recovery, people lead full, productive and healthy lives.” Laudet, 2013, Life In Recovery SurveyScientific knowledge about addiction recovery has been based historically on short-term treatment follow-up studies, point-in-time membership surveys of recovery mutual aid fellowships, and small qualitative studies of the recovery experience.   The value of these early studies was limited by the uncertainty(……)

In 2007, I penned an essay published in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment (JSAT) on the definition and conceptual boundaries of addiction recovery.  The essay was prepared for the Betty Ford Institute (BFI) Consensus Conference that produced its highly influential definition of recovery that was also published in JSAT in 2007 and subsequently updated(……)

Three recent reviews call into question the conceptualization and treatment of addiction as a chronic disorder.    Lopez-Quintero, C., Hason, D. J., de los Cobas, J. P., Pines, A., Wang, S., Grant, B. F., & Blanco, C. (2010).  Probability and predictors of remission from life-time nicotine, alcohol, cannabis or cocaine dependence:  Results from the National Epidemiologic(……)