Selected Papers of William L. White

Senior Research Consultant

Chestnut Health Systems

Book Reviews and Forewords

View FilepdfAnderberg & Wilson They Call Them Camisoles - Revisited
View FilepdfBamber, Recovery Writings, 2010 Foreword
View FilepdfBenton Understanding the High Functioning Alcoholic
View FilepdfBorchert The Lois Wilson Story
View FilepdfBrown & Brown Biography of Mrs. Marty Mann
View FilepdfCoombs Drug-impaired Professionals
View FilepdfCoyhis, The Wellbriety Movement Comes of Age
View FilepdfCrowley Drunkard's Progress
View FilepdfDon't Tell, Essays from Alcoholics Agnostica
View FilepdfDubiel Road to Fellowship
View FilepdfEdwards The Treatment of Drinking Problems
View FilepdfGalanter What is Alcoholics Anonymous?
View FilepdfGriffin A Man's Way Through the Twelve Steps
View FilepdfHumphreys Circles of Recovery
View FilepdfJason, Olson & Foli, Rescued Lived, Oxford House
View FilepdfJason, Principles of Social Change
View FilepdfJenson, Some of the Words are Theirs
View FilepdfKinnon Linder Every Addict's Friend, Jimmy K.: Reflections of a Daughter
View FilepdfKurtz & Ketcham Experiencing Spirituality
View FilepdfKurtz L. Recovery Groups Foreword
View FilepdfLawford Recover to Live
View FilepdfLobdell, This Strange Illness
View FilepdfMate In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts
View FilepdfMcCauley Pleasure Unwoven
View FilepdfMcElrath & Curtiss, A Caring Community
View FilepdfMcIntosh & McKeganey Beating the Dragon
View FilepdfMcKay Adaptive Continuing Care
View FilepdfMel B. & Fitzpatrick Living the Traditions Today
View FilepdfMiller & Munoz Controlling your Drinking
View FilepdfMitchell K. How It Worked Foreword
View FilepdfMuck et al Clinical Assessment and Substance Abuse Treatment
View FilepdfNicolaus Empowering Your Sober Self
View FilepdfPeele & Bufe Resisting Step Coercion
View FilepdfPeele & Hazelden Recover and Recovery Now
View FilepdfPublishing Addiction Science
View FilepdfRethinking Our War On Drugs
View FilepdfSanders Women in Narcotics Anonymous
View FilepdfScimeca Wounded Healers in Recovery
View FilepdfSteckler & Linnan Process Evaluation for Public Health Interventions
View FilepdfStevens & Morral Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment
View FilepdfThe Little Book
View FilepdfTracy Alcoholism in America
View FilepdfValverde Diseases of the Will
View FilepdfWinslow The Cartel
View FilepdfWoll, Understanding the Stigma of Addiction
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Selected Papers of William L. White