Selected Papers of William L. White

Senior Research Consultant

Chestnut Health Systems

Early Recovery Biographies

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View Filepdf1833 The Intemperate and the Reformed
View Filepdf1841 Life & Reformation of John Hawkins
View Filepdf1842 Blair Opium Eater in America
View Filepdf1842 Confessions of a Female Inebriate
View Filepdf1842 Franklin Evans The Inebriate
View Filepdf1842 Gale Long Voyage on the Sea of Intemperance
View Filepdf1843 Narrative of Charles T. Woodman, Reformed Inebriate
View Filepdf1843 Narrative of Charles T. Woodman
View Filepdf1844 The Washingtonian Reform
View Filepdf1845 Autobiography of a Reformed Drunkard
View Filepdf1846 Haydock Incidents from the life of George Haydock
View Filepdf1849 The Life and Experience of AV Green
View Filepdf1859 Life of John H. Hawkins
View Filepdf1860 A Voice from the Washingtonian Home
View Filepdf1870 Autobiography of John B. Gough
View Filepdf1871 Arthur Six Nights with the Washingtonians
View Filepdf1871 Uniac, His Life Struggle and Fall
View Filepdf1872 Three Years in a Man Trap
View Filepdf1874 Women to the Rescue
View Filepdf1876 Opium Eating an Autobiographical Sketch by an Habituate
View Filepdf1877 Arthur Grappling with the Monster
View Filepdf1877 Cox Out of the Depths
View Filepdf1878 Vandersloot The True Path (Ribbon Reform Clubs)
View Filepdf1879 Cyrus Sturdivant, Prisoner's Friend
View Filepdf1881 Arthur Saved as by Fire
View Filepdf1881 Gough Sunlight and Shadow
View Filepdf1882 Sunlight and Shadow John Gough
View Filepdf1885 Life and Work of Jerry Mc Auley
View Filepdf1887 Platform Echoes John Gough
View Filepdf1887 Thomas N. Doutney Life Triumphs
View Filepdf1889 Confessions of a Young Lady Laudanum-Drinker
View Filepdf1891 Foltz From Heaven to Hell
View Filepdf1894 Cobbe Slave of the Drug Horrors of the Use of Opium
View Filepdf1895 Cole Confessions of an American Opium Eater
View Filepdf1896 Benson Fifteen Years in Hell
View Filepdf1900 Cullen Tales of the Ex-Tanks
View Filepdf1902 Hadley Down In Water Street
View Filepdf1902 Meyers Eight Years in Cocaine Hell
View Filepdf1903 Thomas N. Doutney Struggle & Triumph
View Filepdf1904 Howard Confessions of a Dipsomaniac
View Filepdf1910 Claude Gunder Saved by the Blood
View Filepdf1912 Roberts Dry Dock of a Thousand Wrecks
View Filepdf1914 Monroe Twice-Born Men in America
View Filepdf1915 Joseph Francis My Last Drink
View Filepdf1921 Mac Martin Thirty Years in Hell Confessions of a Drug Fiend
View Filepdf1928 Glynn Life of Matt Talbot
View Filepdf1935 Asylum William Seabrook
View Filepdf1943 Confessions of a Booze fighter: I Took the Keeley Cure
View Filepdf1945 The Glass Crutch William Wister
View Filepdf2000 Bloomfield Drug Dependence in the Life of Kate M. Cleary (1863-1905)
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Selected Papers of William L. White