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This site would be incomplete if I did not find a way to acknowledge and, where copyright laws allow, include some of the most important papers that have influenced my own thinking about addiction treatment and recovery. This “Friends and Favorites” sections is precisely for that purpose. Some of the authors in this section were pioneers from an earlier generation while others have been my contemporaries or represent a new generation of thinkers who will help shape the future of the field. For some, I have selected a representative work as a way of personally introducing this person’s body of work to the reader; for others I have presented a singular piece of writing that I think is essential reading for addiction professionals and/or recovery advocates. In all cases, the items posted and recommended for reading here have special meaning to me which I will try to convey in my introduction to each piece (included as an opening to the posted article or, in the case of PDF documents and PowerPoint presentations, in a separate introduction).

The list is by no means complete. I will continue to add to it as time allows and as I am able to negotiate permission to post the items I have selected for inclusion here.

William White

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Selected Papers of William L. White