Selected Papers of William L. White

Senior Research Consultant

Chestnut Health Systems

Leadership Interviews

Recovery Management & Peer Support Interviews

View Filepdf Dr. Ijeoma Achara, ROSC Transformation
View Filepdf Lonnetta Albright, ATTCs and ROSC
View Filepdf Ken Anderson, Harm Reduction and Recovery
View Filepdf Jim Balmer and Jason Schwartz, RM at Dawn Farm
View Filepdf Anita Bertrand, Peer Support in Ohio
View Filepdf Cheryl Blankenship Kupras, Support for Medication-assisted Recovery
View Filepdf Rebecca Bonner, Philadelphia Recovery High School
View Filepdf Michael Boyle, Behavioral Health Recovery Management
View Filepdf Jennifer Cervi, Collegiate Recovery Support
View Filepdf Dr. H. Westley Clark, Recovery as an Organizing Paradigm
View Filepdf Dr. Arthur C. Evans, Jr., ROSC in Philadelphia
View Filepdf Dr. Michael Flaherty, ROSC National Perspective
View Filepdf Tom Hill, Peer Recovery Support and Recovery Advocacy
View Filepdf Deborah Hollis, ROSC in Michigan
View Filepdf Joan King, Recovery Storytelling Training
View Filepdf Kevin Kirby, Face It TOGETHER, South Dakota
View Filepdf Dr. Thomas A. Kirk, Jr., ROSC in Connecticut
View Filepdf Roland Lamb, ROSC in Philadelphia
View Filepdf Marvin Levine, Philadelphia Criminal Justice Recovery Initiatives
View Filepdf Terrence McSherry, NET Transformation Process
View Filepdf Paul Molloy, Oxford House
View Filepdf Cathy Nugent, CSAT Recovery Community Services Program
View Filepdf Lorie Obernauer and Leonard Bade, Alumni Recovery Support Services
View Filepdf Dr. Leonard Jason, Oxford House Research
View Filepdf Linda Grove-Paul, ROSC in Indiana
View Filepdf Eva Petoskey, Recovery Support in Indian Tribal Communities
View Filepdf Boyd Pickard, Recovery Orientation of Recovery Homes
View Filepdf Mark Sanders, ROSC African Amercian Perspective
View Filepdf John Shinholser, Advocacy and Peer Support in Virginia
View Filepdf Precia Stuby, ROSC in Hancock County Ohio
View Filepdf Dr. Calvin Trent, ROSC in Detroit
View Filepdf Phillip Valentine, Connecticut Community of Addiction Recovery
View Filepdf Dr. Corey Waller, Recovery-focused Addiction Medicine
View Filepdf Jared Webber, Running for Recovery
View Filepdf Mark Witte and Kevin McLaughlin ROSC In Western Michigan
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Selected Papers of William L. White