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View Filepdf2007 “Substance Abuse” & “Substance Dependence”
View Filepdf2014 Young People in the New Recovery Advocacy Movement
View Filepdf2002 Women, Addiction and Recovery
View Filepdf2007 Women's Recovery Community Center
View Filepdf2004 Women Who Made a Difference
View Filepdf2012 William Cope Moyers, Personal Recovery & Public Advocacy
View Filepdf2007 Why We Worry about Words
View Filepdf2012 Why Recovery, Why Now
View Filepdf2008 Why Addiction Medicine?
View Filepdf2008 White McLellan Chronic Disease Paper
View Filepdf2011 What is Your Recovery Quotient
View Filepdf2011 What is Recovery (Birmingham, England Perspectives)
View Filepdf2010 What are Your Priorites?
View Filepdf2012 Well-being and Recovery Functioning
View Filepdf2009 Walter Ginter, Medication-assisted Recovery
View Filepdf2011 Wales, Wynford Ellis Owen
View Filepdf2019 Volunteer Recovery Support for Adolescents Outcomes
View Filepdf2019 Volunteer Recovery Support for Adolescents Design
View Filepdf2006 Varieties of Recovery Experience
View Filepdf2011 UK, Phil & Sandy Valentine
View Filepdf2011 UK, Laura Graham
View Filepdf2012 UK & Australia, Dr. David Best
View Filepdf2008 Twelve Defining Moments in AA History
View Filepdf2017 Troubling Directions in U.S. Drug Policy
View Filepdf2014 Tribute to the Recovery Movement
View Filepdf2004 Treatment Works: Time for a New Slogan
View Filepdf2002 Treatment Renewal Movement
View Filepdf2005 Treatment Recovery Community
View Filepdf1977 Treatment Planning for Chronic Solvent Abuse
View Filepdf2003 Training Tips for Addiction Professionals
View Filepdf2004 Toward a Recovery Lexicon
View Filepdf2000 Toward a New Recovery Movement
View Filepdf2012 Tom Hill, Peer Recovery Support and Recovery Advocacy
View Filepdf2016 Tom Coderre, National Perspective
View Filepdf2010 Today We Stand (National Rally for Recovery)
View Filepdf2006 To a Generation of Retiring Leaders
View Filepdf2015 Three Missing Elements of SUD Treatment
View Filepdf---- Thomas A. Kirk Jr. PhD
View Filepdf1979 Themes in Chemical Prohibition
View Filepdf2006 The Varieties of Recovery Experience
View Filepdf1994 The Training Life
View Filepdf2005 The State of the Movement
View Filepdf2003 The Road Not Taken: Lost Roots of Addiction Counseling
View Filepdf2006 The Recovery School Movement
View Filepdf2014 The Recovery Community Center
View Filepdf2002 The Pricing of EAPs
View Filepdf2005 The Other Side of Burnout
View Filepdf2014 The Media and Addiction Recovery
View Filepdf1999 The Legalization Debate
View Filepdf2014 The History of Addiction Medicine
View Filepdf2003 The Evolution of EAPs
View Filepdf1990 The Ethics of Competition
View Filepdf1998 The Ethics of Affiliation
View Filepdf2005 The Drunkard's Club
View Filepdf2002 The Coming Leadership Crisis
View Filepdf1995 The Call to Write
View Filepdf2011 The Art of Recovery in Philadelphia
View Filepdf1970 Thailand, Simon Mott
View Filepdf2012 Terrence McSherry, NET Transformation Process
View Filepdf2011 Telephone Recovery Checkups
View Filepdf2004 Teaching Addiction Treatment Recovery History
View Filepdf2004 Tales from a Jag House
View Filepdf2006 Systems Transformation
View Filepdf2013 Systems Perspective on Recovery-oriented Practice
View Filepdf2008 Substance Use among Deaf & Hard of Hearing
View Filepdf2003 Substance Use & Violence
View Filepdf2009 Substance Use & Hearing Loss
View Filepdf2005 Styles of Secular Recovery
View Filepdf2006 Student Assistance Programs
View Filepdf2018 Strengths Planning for Building Recovery Capital
View Filepdf2005 Stop Kicking People Out of Addiction Treatment
View Filepdf2009 Stigma & Methadone
View Filepdf2013 State of the New Recovery Advocacy Movement
View Filepdf2011 Staff Turnover in Addiction Treatment
View Filepdf2013 Stacie Mathewson, A Passion for Youth Recovery
View Filepdf2016 Stacia Murphy, National Perspective
View Filepdf2006 Sponsorship & Peer Recovery Support Serices
View Filepdf1992 Spirituality Essay
View Filepdf2006 Spirituality and Recovery
View Filepdf2006 Spirituality & Addiction Counseling
View Filepdf2008 Spiritual Guidance & Long term Recovery
View Filepdf2003 Southeast Asia UN Treatment Report
View Filepdf2012 South Africa, James Siddall
View Filepdf2014 Social Work and Collegiate Recovery Programs
View Filepdf1999 Social History of Adolescent ATOD Use
View Filepdf2016 Smoking Cessation within Iranian Recovery Community (Congress 60)
View Filepdf2012 Smoking Cessation in Congress60, Hossein Dezhakam, Iran
View Filepdf2012 Smoking Cessation in Addiction Treatment
View Filepdf2011 Smoking and Addiction Recovery (For People in Recovery)
View Filepdf2011 Smoking and Addiction Recovery (For Addiction Professionals)
View Filepdf2003 Smithers Foundation
View Filepdf2018 Smartphone SUD Recovery App Demonstration Project
View Filepdf2015 Sis Wenger
View Filepdf1989 Sick Organizational Systems
View Filepdf2017 Sharon Wegscheider Cruse Counselor Interview
View Filepdf1998 Sexual Exploitation within the Organizational Family
View Filepdf---- Senator Harold Hughes (Addiction, 1997)
View Filepdf2014 Secular, Spiritual & Religious Pathways of Addiction Recovery
View Filepdf2005 Secrets of A A.'s Survival
View Filepdf2005 Second Asian Recovery Conference Report (2005)
View Filepdf2011 Scott Strode, Sport and Recovery
View Filepdf2011 Scotland, Anne Marie Ward
View Filepdf2006 Science of Recovery Management Monograph
View Filepdf2011 SAMHSA Acceptance of Medication-assisted Treatment
View Filepdf2011 Rural Recovery Resources
View Filepdf2019 ROSC Measures for Children, Adolescents, Transition Age Youth, and Families (Ohio)
View Filepdf2013 ROSC Definition Elaboration
View Filepdf2010 Role of Physicians in Addiction Recovery Management
View Filepdf2009 Role of Partnership in ROSC
View Filepdf2004 Role of Community in Recovery
View Filepdf2007 Role of Clients in Recovery Oriented Systems
View Filepdf2009 Role of Addiction Medicine in ROSC
View Filepdf2012 Rolando Torres, Family Perspective on Medication & Recovery
View Filepdf2012 Roland Lamb, ROSC in Philadelphia
View Filepdf2004 Riverside Hospital: Birth of Adolescent Treatment
View Filepdf2001 Rhetoric of Recovery Advocacy
View Filepdf2010 Rethinking the Relapse Language
View Filepdf2008 Responses to Phoenix House Consultation Questions
View Filepdf2010 Research for Recovery Full Report
View Filepdf2010 Research for Recovery Executive Summary
View Filepdf2011 Remarks Welsh Council on Alcohol and Other Drugs
View Filepdf2006 Religion, Spirituality, Recovery
View Filepdf1978 Relapse of Recovering Counselors
View Filepdf2010 Relapse is NOT Part of Recovery
View Filepdf2009 Relapse after Prolonged Addiction Recovery
View Filepdf2013 Reflections on the Loss of Addiction Libraries & Databases
View Filepdf2009 Reducing Stress & Stigma
View Filepdf2009 Reducing Social Stigma
View Filepdf2004 Recovery: The Next Frontier
View Filepdf2008 Recovery: Systems Perspective
View Filepdf2008 Recovery: Old Wine or New Paradigm?
View Filepdf2007 Recovery: Definition & Conceptual Boundaries
View Filepdf2012 Recovery/Remission from Substance Use Disorders: An Analysis of Reported Outcomes in 415 Scientific Studies, 1868-2011
View Filepdf2011 Recovery-oriented Methadone Maintenance Executive Summary
View Filepdf2010 Recovery-oriented Methadone Maintenance
View Filepdf2007 Recovery-Focused Systems Transformation
View Filepdf2015 Recovery-focused Addiction Psychiatry: Dr. Marvin Seppala Interview
View Filepdf2017 Recovery's Historian Counselor Interview of William White
View Filepdf2007 Recovery Vision in Mental Health & Addiction Fields
View Filepdf2014 Recovery Support for Adolescents with Substance Use Disorders
View Filepdf2001 Recovery Summit Closing Speech
View Filepdf2009 Recovery Revolution Children & Adolescents
View Filepdf2019 Recovery Revolution Basics
View Filepdf2009 Recovery Resource Mapping
View Filepdf2013 Recovery Residences and Long-term Addiction Recovery
View Filepdf2019 Recovery Research Bibliography
View Filepdf2012 Recovery Radio in Philadelphia
View Filepdf2013 Recovery Prevalence and Health Profile of People in Recovery
View Filepdf2007 Recovery Oriented Clinical Supervision
View Filepdf2012 Recovery Orientation in Methadone Maintenance
View Filepdf2013 Recovery Orientation in Addiction Counseling
View Filepdf2007 Recovery Meetings for Youths
View Filepdf2012 Recovery Management Service Design Matrices
View Filepdf2008 Recovery Management Monograph Executive Summary
View Filepdf2008 Recovery Management Monograph
View Filepdf2005 Recovery Management GLATTC Bulletin
View Filepdf2012 Recovery Management for the Homeless
View Filepdf2002 Recovery Management Definition
View Filepdf2004 Recovery Management Checkups
View Filepdf2008 Recovery Management & Communties of Color
View Filepdf2004 Recovery Management & Communities of Color
View Filepdf2003 Recovery Management
View Filepdf2006 Recovery Linkage Monograph
View Filepdf2006 Recovery Legacies of Frederick Douglass & Malcolm X
View Filepdf2002 Recovery Language Glossary
View Filepdf2011 Recovery Journalism
View Filepdf2010 Recovery is Contagious
View Filepdf2006 Recovery in Native America
View Filepdf2010 Recovery in Addiction and Mental Health
View Filepdf2011 Recovery Group Participation Scale
View Filepdf2004 Recovery from Addiction & Mental Ilness
View Filepdf2013 Recovery Focused Knowledge
View Filepdf2007 Recovery Community Linkage Monograph
View Filepdf2013 Recovery Communities as Indigenous Cultures
View Filepdf2011 Recovery Coaching Interview
View Filepdf2004 Recovery Coaching
View Filepdf2016 Recovery Coach (Role Clarity Matrix)
View Filepdf2013 Recovery Champions in the UK
View Filepdf2005 Recovery Celebrations
View Filepdf2012 Recovery Carriers
View Filepdf2012 Recovery Capital Scale Psychometrics
View Filepdf2008 Recovery Capital Primer
View Filepdf2008 Recovery Capital as Recovery Predictor
View Filepdf2004 Recovery as Transformational Change
View Filepdf2002 Recovery as a Heroic Journey
View Filepdf2007 Recovery and Service Integration
View Filepdf2009 Recovery and Quality of Life
View Filepdf2008 Recovery and Public Service
View Filepdf2013 Recovery and Harm Reduction In Philadelphia
View Filepdf2010 Recovery and Citizenship
View Filepdf2014 Recovery Agenda, Shared Role of Peers and Professionals
View Filepdf2005 Recovery Advocacy Is NOT A Recovery Program
View Filepdf2006 Recovery Across the Life Cycle
View Filepdf1999 Recovering Physicians in Early Addiction Medicine
View Filepdf2000 Recovering People as Wounded Healers II
View Filepdf2000 Recovering People as Wounded Healers I
View Filepdf2008 Recent Alcohol Testing
View Filepdf2012 Rebecca Bonner, Philadelphia Recovery High School
View Filepdf2004 Radical Recovery
View Filepdf2006 Publishing Addiction Science
View Filepdf2002 Project SAFE Report
View Filepdf2003 Project SAFE Outreach Manual
View Filepdf2007 Profile High Risk DUI Offender
View Filepdf2015 Professional Scientific Literature on NA 2015 Update
View Filepdf2004 Professional Ethics
View Filepdf2012 Primer on Recovery Residences
View Filepdf2008 Preventing Harm in the Name of Help
View Filepdf2017 Prevalence, Pathways, and Predictors of Recovery
View Filepdf2011 Preface Wellbriety Movement Comes of Age
View Filepdf2003 Predicting Adolescent Violence
View Filepdf2015 Precia Stuby, ROSC in Hancock County Ohio
View Filepdf2001 Pre-AA Recovery Mutual Aid Societies
View Filepdf2006 Post-treatment Monitoring & Support
View Filepdf2009 Physicians' Health Programs Evaluation
View Filepdf2007 Physician Health Programs
View Filepdf2007 Philosophy of Choice
View Filepdf2008 Philosophy of Choice
View Filepdf2007 Phillip Valentine, Connecticut Community of Addiction Recovery
View Filepdf2007 Phillip Valentine ATTC Interview
View Filepdf2006 Phil Valentine, Connecticut
View Filepdf2012 Perspectives on Medication-assisted Recovery
View Filepdf2015 Personal Tribute: Ernie Kurtz (1935-2015)
View Filepdf2010 Perceptions of 12-Step Interventions in the UK
View Filepdf2009 Peer-Based Recovery Support Services
pot2013 Peer Support Services Principles and Implementation Issues
View Filepdf2004 Peer Recovery Support Services
View Filepdf2009 Peer Recovery Support Monograph Executive Summary
View Filepdf2016 Paul Samuels
View Filepdf2012 Paul Molloy, Oxford House
View Filepdf2016 Patty McCarthy Metcalf, Recovery Advocacy in the U.S.
View Filepdf2010 Pat Taylor, National Perspective
View Filepdf2013 Parenting Skills Education in Addiction Treatment
View Filepdf2011 Parenting in the Context of Addiction Recovery
View Filepdf2003 Pamphlet for Parents on Adolescent Treatment
View Filepdf2003 Pamphlet for Parents on Adolescent Assessment
View Filepdf2009 Oxford House
View Filepdf2014 Outreach Services and Recovery Management in Philadelphia
View Filepdf---- Operational View of MM Jim Mergens
View Filepdf2010 Non-clinical Recovery Support Services
View Filepdf2006 New Recovery Paradigm
View Filepdf2001 New Recovery Advocacy Movement: Call to Service
View Filepdf2007 New Recovery Advocacy Movement Presentation
View Filepdf2012 New Addiction Recovery Support Institutions
View Filepdf2007 New Addiction Recovery Advocacy Movement Essay
View Filepdf2009 Neurobiology of Recovery Commentary
View Filepdf2007 Neurobiology of Addiction Recovery
View Filepdf2003 NCADD History
View Filepdf2004 Native American Addiction
View Filepdf2011 Narcotics Anonymous History and Culture
View Filepdf2011 Narcotics Anonymous and the Pharmacotherapeutic Treatment of Opioid Addiction
View Filepdf2016 Narcotics Anonymous and Recovery from Opioid Addiction
View Filepdf2008 NAATP Tribute
View Filepdf2008 NAATP Keynote
pptx2013 NAADAC Families, Community, Recovery, Powell and White
View Filepdf2014 NAADAC and The History of Addiction Counseling
View Filepdf2013 NA Chronology - Volume One 2nd Edition
View Filepdf2014 NA and Abstinence Outcomes of MMT Patients
View Filepdf2013 NA 60th Anniversary Professional Tribute
View Filepdf2013 Myths to Recovery By
View Filepdf2016 Multiple Pathways and Styles of Addiction Recovery
View Filepdf2007 Mrs. Betty Ford (Desert Sun, 2007)
View Filepdf---- Monsignor Ignatius McDermott (Addiction, 1994)
View Filepdf2007 Modern Gender Specific Treatment
View Filepdf2009 Mobilization of Community to Support Long-term Recovery
View Filepdf2007 Mike Barry Interview, Recovery Advocacy in Kentucky
View Filepdf2007 Michael Boyle, Behavioral Health Recovery Management
View Filepdf2007 Michael Boyle ATTC Interview
View Filepdf2015 Michael Botticelli
View Filepdf2003 Methadone and Anti-medication Bias
View Filepdf1992 Metaphors of Transformation
View Filepdf2010 Message to UK Recovery Academy
View Filepdf2008 Merlyn Karst, Colorado
View Filepdf2011 Mel Schulstad
View Filepdf2012 Mel Schulstad Tribute
View Filepdf2003 Medicinal Specifics as Addiction Cures
View Filepdf2012 Medications in Recovery, McLellan and White
View Filepdf2009 Medication & Recovery
View Filepdf2019 Medical Burden of Disease among Individuals in Recovery
View Filepdf2014 Marvin Levine, Philadelphia Criminal Justice Recovery Initiatives
View Filepdf2014 Mark Witte and Kevin McLaughlin ROSC In Western Michigan
View Filepdf2013 Mark Sanders, ROSC African Amercian Perspective
View Filepdf2016 Mark Parrino
View Filepdf2011 Marcus Chatfield, Survivors of Scared Straight
View Filepdf2011 Mapping Recovery Stories in Glasgow
View Filepdf2001 Manual Guided Therapy Abstract
View Filepdf2003 Management of the DUI Offender
View Filepdf2013 Lynn Bratley, Theatre as Recovery Advocacy
View Filepdf2013 Loss of Addiction Treatment & Recovery Pioneers
View Filepdf2013 Lorie Obernauer and Leonard Bade, Alumni Recovery Support Services
View Filepdf2007 Lonnetta Albright, ATTCs and ROSC
View Filepdf2007 Lonnetta Albright ATTC Interview
View Filepdf2007 Listening to Meth
View Filepdf2007 Lisa Mojer-Torres, Medication-assisted Recovery
View Filepdf2013 Linda Grove-Paul, ROSC in Indiana
View Filepdf1970 Lillian Roth, Early Recovery Advocate
View Filepdf2006 Life Meaning and Purpose in Recovery
View Filepdf2015 LGBT and Recovery Advocacy Movements
View Filepdf2004 Lessons of Language
View Filepdf2014 Leonard Buschel Interview, Writers in Treatment
View Filepdf2009 Le Clair Bissell Tribute
View Filepdf2009 Language On Consumer
View Filepdf2010 Language Abuse
View Filepdf2015 Kurtz and White Recovery Spirituality
View Filepdf2013 Kurt Schnakenberg Interview MM Online History
View Filepdf2016 Kevin Kirby, Face It TOGETHER, South Dakota
View Filepdf---- Ken Anderson, Harm Reduction and Recovery
View Filepdf2014 Karen Moyer and Brian Maus, Children Affected by Addiction
View Filepdf2013 Justin Luke Riley, Young People in Recovery
View Filepdf2015 Joycelyn Woods, Medication-Assisted Recovery
View Filepdf---- Jose De Leon, Brooke Feldman, Gil Gadson, Tom Qualters, Recovery Journalism in Philadelphia
View Filepdf2008 Johnny Allem, National Perspective
View Filepdf2015 John Shinholser, Advocacy and Peer Support in Virginia
View Filepdf2011 John Schwarzlose
View Filepdf2016 John Curtiss
View Filepdf2006 Joe Powell, Dallas
View Filepdf2012 Joan King, Recovery Storytelling Training
View Filepdf2014 Jim Gillen, Rhode Island
View Filepdf2013 Jim Contopulos, Private Grief to Public Advocacy
View Filepdf2015 Jim Balmer and Jason Schwartz, RM at Dawn Farm
View Filepdf2015 Jerry Moe
View Filepdf2011 Jennifer Cervi, Collegiate Recovery Support
View Filepdf2012 Jeff Blodgett, National Perspective
View Filepdf2016 Jay Davidson
View Filepdf2013 Jared Webber, Running for Recovery
View Filepdf2012 Japan Recovery Parade Report
View Filepdf2012 Japan Recovery Parade Report
View Filepdf2005 Jacoby Club & AA
View Filepdf2012 Is it Time We Became Recovery Professionals
View Filepdf2011 Iran, Mr. Hossein Dezhakam
View Filepdf2012 Iran, Amin Dezhakam
View Filepdf1970 Iran Congress 60 2016 Profile
View Filepdf2002 Introduction Red Road to Wellbriety
View Filepdf2014 Interview with William White Recovery Research Institute
View Filepdf2014 Interview with Bill White on New Edition of Slaying the Dragon
View Filepdf2004 Intervention Keeley Style
View Filepdf2008 Intergenerational Resilience and Recovery
View Filepdf2012 Intergenerational Resilience & Recovery
View Filepdf2014 Integration of Peer Recovery Supports within Philadelphia's Crisis Response Centers
View Filepdf2011 Integrating MM Patients at Eagleville Hospital
View Filepdf1986 Incestuous Workplace
View Filepdf1993 In Praise of Service
View Filepdf2015 Howard Josepher
View Filepdf2019 How Many Recovery Attempts?
View Filepdf2011 How AA and NA Work
View Filepdf2018 Hossein Dezhakam on X Theory and DST Method
View Filepdf2003 History of Treatment Institutions
View Filepdf2004 History of Transformational Change
View Filepdf2007 History of the Journal of Inebriety
View Filepdf2000 History of the Disease Concept Series
View Filepdf2013 History of SMART Recovery Tom Litwicki
View Filepdf2012 History of Recovery Orientation in Addiction Counseling
View Filepdf2005 History of Recovery as an Organizing Concept
View Filepdf2006 History of Pharmacological Treatments
View Filepdf2011 History of Moderation Societies
View Filepdf2002 History of Heroin Addiction Treatment
View Filepdf2004 History of Drug Problems/Policy
View Filepdf2003 History of Aftercare
View Filepdf2002 History of African American Recovery
View Filepdf2002 History of Adolescent Treatment
View Filepdf1999 History of Addiction Treatment Series
View Filepdf2001 History of Addiction Journals
View Filepdf---- History of AA History Lovers Glenn Chestnut
View Filepdf2012 Historical Perspectives on Addiction Recovery Support
View Filepdf2004 Historical Essence of Addiction Counseling
View Filepdf2013 Heroism and Addiction Recovery Revisited
View Filepdf1983 Healing Ourselves
View Filepdf2007 HBO From Treatment to Sustained Recovery
View Filepdf2003 Hazelden History
View Filepdf2010 Guest ONDCP Blog - Focus on Recovery
View Filepdf2014 Greg Williams, The Anonymous People
View Filepdf2017 Greece, Dr. Phoebus Zafiridis
pptx2012 GLATTC ROMM Webinar
pptx2012 GLATTC Peer Recovery Support Webinar
View Filepdf2013 Ghana, Edwin Adhadzie
View Filepdf2012 Ghana, Dr. Eugene Dordoye
View Filepdf2014 Gendered Members of Alcoholics Anonymous
View Filepdf2000 Gender Differences Victimization Abstract
View Filepdf2014 Gary Mendell, Making America Shatterproof
View Filepdf2003 Future of Drug Use
pptx2013 Future of Addiction Treatment and Recovery
View Filepdf2003 Future of Addiction Treatment
View Filepdf2010 Future of AA, NA, and Other Recovery Mutual Aid Organizations
View Filepdf1970 Further Reflections on Addiction Treatment Medications
View Filepdf2015 From Trauma to Transformative Recovery
View Filepdf2005 Fire in the Family
View Filepdf2005 Faith-based Recovery
View Filepdf2009 Extending the Benefits of Addiction Treatment
View Filepdf2013 Expanding Recovery Resources in East Africa
View Filepdf2008 Evaluating Hard Core Drinking Drivers
View Filepdf2012 Eva Petoskey, Recovery Support in Indian Tribal Communities
View Filepdf2012 Ethnic-Specifc Recovery Support
View Filepdf2005 ETHICS Workshop
View Filepdf2007 Ethics of Peer-based Services
View Filepdf2001 Ethics of EAP
View Filepdf1970 - 2005 Ethical Issues in Longitudinal Studies
View Filepdf2007 Ethical Issues in Adolescent Treatment
View Filepdf2000 Ethical Incidents in Training
View Filepdf2014 Ernest Kurtz Historian as Storyteller & Healer
View Filepdf2015 Ernest (Ernie) Kurtz. 1935-2015
View Filepdf2011 England, Oliver Mates
View Filepdf2011 England, Mark Gilman
View Filepdf2010 Enabling or Engaging
View Filepdf2011 Emerging UK Recovery Movement
View Filepdf2004 Emerging Models of Adolescent Treatment
View Filepdf2014 Effects of Abstinence or Drug Use on Retention of MMT Patients
View Filepdf1992 Ecology of Sexual Harassment & Exploitation
View Filepdf2003 Early Age of Onset
View Filepdf1999 EAP: The Lessons of History
View Filepdf2002 EAP Referrals and Ownership Structures
View Filepdf2001 EAP Ethics and Quality
View Filepdf2002 EAP Competence and Value
View Filepdf2013 Drs. Mark and Susan Godley
View Filepdf2016 Dr. William Sinkele, Kenya, Africa
View Filepdf2012 Dr. William Miller Counselor Interview
View Filepdf2012 Dr. William Miller
View Filepdf2016 Dr. William Cloud
View Filepdf1998 Dr. Vincent Dole (Methadone Today, 1998)
View Filepdf1994 Dr. Vincent Dole (Addiction, 1994)
View Filepdf1996 Dr. Vincent Dole (A.T. Forum, 1996)
View Filepdf2010 Dr. Tom McLellan Counselor Interview
View Filepdf2010 Dr. Tom McLellan
View Filepdf2014 Dr. Tom McGovern
View Filepdf1970 Dr. Thurman Booker
View Filepdf2007 Dr. Thomas A. Kirk, Jr., ROSC in Connecticut
View Filepdf2007 Dr. Thomas A. Kirk Jr. ATTC Interview
View Filepdf2014 Dr. Stephanie Covington Counselor Interview
View Filepdf2014 Dr. Stephanie Covington
View Filepdf2011 Dr. Stephanie Brown Counselor Interview
View Filepdf2011 Dr. Stephanie Brown
View Filepdf2015 Dr. Stanton Peele
View Filepdf2015 Dr. Sheila Blume Counselor Interview
View Filepdf2015 Dr. Sheila Blume
View Filepdf2016 Dr. Scott Tonigan
View Filepdf2011 Dr. Rudolf Moos Counselor Interview
View Filepdf2011 Dr. Rudolf Moos
View Filepdf2011 Dr. Robert Newman
View Filepdf2015 Dr. Robert Meyers Counselor Interview
View Filepdf2015 Dr. Robert Meyers
View Filepdf2010 Dr. Robert DuPont Counselor Interview
View Filepdf2010 Dr. Robert DuPont
View Filepdf2016 Dr. Richard Rawson
View Filepdf1970 Dr. Nora Volkow
View Filepdf2013 Dr. Michael Flaherty, ROSC National Perspective
View Filepdf2013 Dr. Michael Flaherty
View Filepdf2016 Dr. Michael Dennis
View Filepdf2007 Dr. Mary Jeanne Kreek (by Lisa Gold)
View Filepdf2015 Dr. Marvin Seppala
View Filepdf2013 Dr. Marc Kern, History of MM
View Filepdf2015 Dr. Marc Galanter
View Filepdf2014 Dr. Leonard Jason, Oxford House Research
View Filepdf2014 Dr. Leonard Jason
View Filepdf2011 Dr. LeClair Bissell
View Filepdf2013 Dr. Larry Davidson
View Filepdf2011 Dr. Keith Humphreys Counselor Interview
View Filepdf2011 Dr. Keith Humphreys
View Filepdf2014 Dr. Joseph Westermeyer Counselor Interview, Cross-cultural Addiction Psychiatry
View Filepdf2014 Dr. Joseph Westermeyer
View Filepdf2013 Dr. John Kelly
View Filepdf2014 Dr. Joan Zweben
View Filepdf2013 Dr. Jerome Jaffe
View Filepdf2014 Dr. Jean Kilbourne
View Filepdf2015 Dr. James McKay Counselor Interview
View Filepdf2015 Dr. James McKay
View Filepdf2011 Dr. Ijeoma Achara, ROSC Transformation
View Filepdf2014 Dr. Howard Hoffman
View Filepdf2013 Dr. Herman Joseph
View Filepdf2013 Dr. Herb Kleber
View Filepdf2007 Dr. H. Westley Clark, Recovery as an Organizing Paradigm
View Filepdf2007 Dr. H. Westley Clark Interview
View Filepdf2007 Dr. H. Westley Clark ATTC Interview
View Filepdf---- Dr. H. Westley Clark
View Filepdf2005 Dr. George Vaillant (Addiction, 2005)
View Filepdf2015 Dr. George Kolodner
View Filepdf2011 Dr. Gail Milgram
View Filepdf2001 Dr. Frederick Glaser (Addiction, 2001)
View Filepdf2013 Dr. Fred Rotgers Professional Support for MM
View Filepdf---- Dr. Ernie Kurtz
View Filepdf2002 Dr. Enoch Gordis (Addiction, 2002)
View Filepdf2011 Dr. Edward Senay Counselor Interview
View Filepdf2011 Dr. Edward Senay
View Filepdf2006 Dr. Doug Anglin (Addiction, 2006)
View Filepdf2010 Dr. David Whiters, Atlanta
View Filepdf2013 Dr. David Powell
View Filepdf---- Dr. David Musto
View Filepdf2013 Dr. David E. Smith Counselor Interview
View Filepdf2013 Dr. David E. Smith
View Filepdf2010 Dr. David Deitch & Dr. George De Leon Counselor Interview
View Filepdf2010 Dr. David Deitch & Dr. George De Leon
View Filepdf2014 Dr. Corey Waller, Recovery-focused Addiction Medicine
View Filepdf2014 Dr. Corey Waller
View Filepdf2014 Dr. Claudia Black
View Filepdf2016 Dr. Christy Scott
View Filepdf2013 Dr. Charlotte Kasl on 16-Step Groups
View Filepdf---- Dr. Charlotte Kasl
View Filepdf2014 Dr. Charles O'Brien (Addiction, 2014)
View Filepdf2012 Dr. Calvin Trent, ROSC in Detroit
View Filepdf2013 Dr. Beny Primm
View Filepdf1997 Dr. Avram Goldstein (Addiction, 1997)
View Filepdf2007 Dr. Arthur C. Evans, Jr., ROSC in Philadelphia
View Filepdf2011 Dr. Arthur C. Evans, Jr. Counselor Interview
View Filepdf2011 Dr. Arthur C. Evans, Jr.
View Filepdf2007 Dr. Arthur C. Evans ATTC Interview
View Filepdf2016 Dr. Andrew Tatarsky Counselor Interview
View Filepdf1970 Dr. Andrew Tatarsky
View Filepdf2016 Dr. Andrew Finch Counselor Interview
View Filepdf2016 Dr. Andrew Finch
View Filepdf---- Dr. Ana Kosok, Evolution of the MM Program
View Filepdf2015 Dr. Alexandre Laudet
View Filepdf---- Dr. Alan Marlatt
View Filepdf2013 Dr. Lee Ann Kaskutas
View Filepdf2012 Dr. David Lewis
View Filepdf2016 Douglas Lail, Portraits of Recovery
View Filepdf2007 Don Coyhis, Native American Wellbriety Movement
View Filepdf2007 Don Coyhis Interview, Native American Wellbriety Movement
View Filepdf2000 Developing an SAP Code of Ethics
View Filepdf2007 Defining the Recovery Community Organization
View Filepdf2005 Decade of Decision
View Filepdf2014 Deborah Hollis, ROSC in Michigan
View Filepdf2014 David Powell Tribute
View Filepdf2002 CYT Study: Implications for SAP
View Filepdf2016 Cynthia Moreno Tuohy
View Filepdf2005 Current Dimensions of Adolescent Treatment
View Filepdf2008 Culture of Recovery in America: Recent Developments & Their Significance
View Filepdf2019 Cross-cultural Applicability of 12-Step Model
View Filepdf2010 Critique of UK Recovery Movement
View Filepdf2006 Criminal Justice Recovery Primer
View Filepdf2007 Conversation with William L. White
View Filepdf2014 Contrasting Peer and Professional Models of Recovery Support
View Filepdf2015 Congress 60 Recovery Community in the Islamic Republic of Iran
View Filepdf2007 Confrontation in Addiction Treatment
View Filepdf2006 Confessions of an AA History Buff
View Filepdf2012 Comparing Cancer Treatment & Addiction Treatment
View Filepdf2010 Community Recovery
View Filepdf2013 Community as Patient Recovery-focused Community Mobilization
View Filepdf2010 Commentary: AA, Global Health and Quality of Life
View Filepdf2012 Commentary on Service Integration Iniatiatives
View Filepdf1999 Collapse of 19th Century Addiction Treatment
View Filepdf2016 Cocaine Anonymous Chronology
View Filepdf2013 Co-participation in 12-Step Groups and Methadone Maintenance
View Filepdf2005 Clinican Attitudes toward Twelve Step Groups
View Filepdf2001 Clinical Management of Multisite Trial of Adolescent Treatment
View Filepdf2019 Chronology of U.S. Recovery Mutual Aid Groups
View Filepdf---- Chronology of SMART Recovery UK
View Filepdf2011 Chronology of Recovery Mutual Aid Groups For Family Members
View Filepdf2013 Chronology of New Addiction Recovery Advocacy Movement
View Filepdf2007 Chronic Addiction Recovery Management
View Filepdf2006 Chronic Addiction & Recovery Management
View Filepdf2014 Cheryl Blankenship Kupras, Support for Medication-assisted Recovery
View Filepdf2007 Changing Profile Drunk/Drugged Drivers
View Filepdf2011 Celebrating the Varieties of Recovery Experience
View Filepdf2015 Celebrate Recovery Chronology
View Filepdf2013 Cathy Nugent, CSAT Recovery Community Services Program
View Filepdf2013 Cathy Nugent
View Filepdf2015 Carol McDaid, From Advocacy to Legislation
View Filepdf2002 Cannabis Youth Treatment & EAP
View Filepdf2013 Canada, AnnMarie McCullough
View Filepdf2007 Can Drug Addicts Drink?
View Filepdf2001 Campus as a Recovery Community
View Filepdf2006 Brown Uninversity Addiction Studies Collections
View Filepdf2012 Broadening the Base of Addiction Mutual Aid
View Filepdf2003 Brief Biography of Harold Hughes
View Filepdf2017 Brief Assessment of Recovery Capital
View Filepdf2014 Breaking Intergenerational Cycles of Addiction
View Filepdf2011 Brazil, Crisvalter Medeiros
View Filepdf2016 Boyd Pickard, Recovery Orientation of Recovery Homes
View Filepdf---- Book Reviews by William White
View Filepdf2014 Bob Savage, Birth of CCAR
View Filepdf2014 Bob L., Visions of Recovery
View Filepdf2010 Bill Wilson on Multiple Pathways of Recovery
docx1998 Bill Moyers interviewing Bill White
View Filepdf2007 Bev Haberle, Philadelphia
View Filepdf2007 Betty Ford Tribute
View Filepdf2007 Betty Ford Institute Recovery Definition
View Filepdf2013 Betty Ford Institute Consensus Statement on Recovery Support Services
View Filepdf2005 Betty Ford Conference Keynote Women & Recovery
View Filepdf2006 Believe It Or Not
View Filepdf2000 Behavioral Health Recovery Management Project
View Filepdf2002 Behavioral Health Recovery Management Principles
View Filepdf2007 Before NAADAC
View Filepdf2011 Basketball & Addiction Recovery in Philadelphia
View Filepdf2011 Bamber-White Dialogue II Inside the Recovery Revolution
View Filepdf2011 Bamber-White Dialogue I: Recovery-Oriented Methadone Maintenance
View Filepdf2009 Authenticity of Recovery Community Organizations
View Filepdf2012 Australia Recovery Walk
View Filepdf2006 ATOD Use and Addiction Professionals
View Filepdf2008 ATOD Use & Addiction Professionals
View Filepdf2013 Assessment of Recovery Capital Scale
View Filepdf2007 ASAM Meeting PHP Historical Context
View Filepdf2007 ASAM Meeting Minnesota Model
View Filepdf2006 ASAM Meeting History of PHPs
View Filepdf2012 Are AA and NA Skies Falling?
View Filepdf2011 Anita Bertrand, Peer Support in Ohio
View Filepdf2014 Andrea Mitchell
View Filepdf2007 Andre Johnson, Detroit
View Filepdf2006 An Invitation to Leadership
View Filepdf2006 American Women & Addiction
View Filepdf2008 American Culture of Recovery
View Filepdf2005 All in the Family
View Filepdf2003 Alcohololics Anonymous
View Filepdf2010 Alcoholism and the Limits of Love
View Filepdf2003 Alcoholic Mutual Aid Societies in US
View Filepdf2006 Alcohol Problems in Native America
View Filepdf2002 Alcohol Problems in Native America
View Filepdf2012 Al-Anon Alateen Chronology
View Filepdf2014 AJ Senerchia, Young People in Recovery
View Filepdf2016 African American Pioneers in Recovery
View Filepdf2003 Adolescent Treatment Outcomes
View Filepdf2002 Adolescent Substance Use Disorders
View Filepdf2007 Adolescent Recovery Research Agenda
View Filepdf2002 Adolescent Recovery Management
View Filepdf2003 Adolescent Gender Differences
View Filepdf2011 Addiction Treatment Programs 1840-1950
View Filepdf2005 Addiction Treatment Outcomes
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View Filepdf2012 AATOD Keynote Medication and Recovery
View Filepdf2010 AA, Global Health and Quality of Life
View Filepdf2012 AA Participation & Long term Recovery Outcomes
View Filepdf2013 AA Participation & 10-year Outcomes
View Filepdf2008 AA and the Peer Support Revolution
View Filepdf2011 A Tribute to Lisa Mojer-Torres
View Filepdf2007 A Recovery Revolution in Philadelphia
View Filepdf2005 A Question of Justice
View Filepdf2012 A Primer on Recovery Residences
View Filepdf2006 A New Recovery Advocacy Movement
View Filepdf2005 A New Recovery Advocacy Movement
View Filepdf2003 A History of Contempt
View Filepdf2002 A Developmental Model of Recovery
View Filepdf1994 A Commitment to Ethical Action
View Filepdf2006 12 Step Fellowships and Quality of Life
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