Selected Papers of William L. White

Senior Research Consultant

Chestnut Health Systems


Papers for Addiction Professionals

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View Filepdf1977 Treatment Planning for Chronic Solvent Abuse
View Filepdf1978 Relapse of Recovering Counselors
View Filepdf2003 A History of Contempt
View Filepdf2003 Methadone and Anti-medication Bias
View Filepdf2003 The Road Not Taken: Lost Roots of Addiction Counseling
View Filepdf2003 Training Tips for Addiction Professionals
View Filepdf2004 Historical Essence of Addiction Counseling
View Filepdf2004 Recovery as Transformational Change
View Filepdf2004 Recovery: The Next Frontier
View Filepdf2004 Substance Use & Violence
View Filepdf2005 Addiction Treatment Outcomes
View Filepdf2005 Treatment Recovery Community
View Filepdf2006 A New Recovery Advocacy Movement
View Filepdf2006 An Invitation to Leadership
View Filepdf2006 ATOD Use and Addiction Professionals
View Filepdf2006 Criminal Justice Recovery Primer
View Filepdf2006 Post-treatment Monitoring & Support
View Filepdf2006 Publishing Addiction Science
View Filepdf2006 The Recovery School Movement
View Filepdf2007 Before NAADAC
View Filepdf2007 Can Drug Addicts Drink?
View Filepdf2007 Changing Profile Drunk/Drugged Drivers
View Filepdf2007 Confrontation in Addiction Treatment
View Filepdf2007 Physician Health Programs
View Filepdf2008 Addiction as a Chronic Disease
View Filepdf2008 American Culture of Recovery
View Filepdf2008 Evaluating Hard Core Drinking Drivers
View Filepdf2008 Philosophy of Choice
View Filepdf2008 Preventing Harm in the Name of Help
View Filepdf2008 Recent Alcohol Testing
View Filepdf2008 Recovery Capital Primer
View Filepdf2008 Recovery Management Monograph Executive Summary
View Filepdf2008 Responses to Phoenix House Consultation Questions
View Filepdf2009 Le Clair Bissell Tribute
View Filepdf2009 Oxford House
View Filepdf2010 Role of Physicians in Addiction Recovery Management
View Filepdf2011 Integrating MM Patients at Eagleville Hospital
View Filepdf2011 Smoking and Addiction Recovery (For Addiction Professionals)
View Filepdf2011 Staff Turnover in Addiction Treatment
View Filepdf2011 What is Your Recovery Quotient
View Filepdf2012 Comparing Cancer Treatment & Addiction Treatment
View Filepdf2012 History of Recovery Orientation in Addiction Counseling
View Filepdf2012 Intergenerational Resilience & Recovery
View Filepdf2012 Is it Time We Became Recovery Professionals
View Filepdf2012 Smoking Cessation in Addiction Treatment
View Filepdf2013 Recovery Focused Knowledge
View Filepdf2013 Recovery Orientation in Addiction Counseling
View Filepdf2013 Smoking and Addiction Treatment
View Filepdf2013 Systems Perspective on Recovery-oriented Practice
View Filepdf2013 NA 60th Anniversary Professional Tribute
View Filepdf2014 NAADAC and The History of Addiction Counseling
View Filepdf2015 From Trauma to Transformative Recovery
View Filepdf2015 Personal Tribute: Ernie Kurtz (1935-2015)
View Filepdf2016 Sharon Wegscheider Cruse Counselor Interview
View Filepdf2017 Recovery's Historian Counselor Interview of William White
View Filepdf2018 Strengths Planning for Building Recovery Capital
View Filepdf2021 Addiction Counseling in Turbulent Times
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Selected Papers of William L. White