Selected Papers of William L. White

Senior Research Consultant

Chestnut Health Systems


Peer Reviewed Article Abstracts

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View Filepdf1999 Recovering Physicians in Early Addiction Medicine
View Filepdf2000 Gender Differences Victimization Abstract
View Filepdf2000 Recovering People as Wounded Healers I
View Filepdf2000 Recovering People as Wounded Healers II
View Filepdf2001 History of Addiction Journals
View Filepdf2001 Manual Guided Therapy Abstract
View Filepdf2001 Pre-AA Recovery Mutual Aid Societies
View Filepdf2002 Addiction as a Chronic Disease
View Filepdf2002 Addiction Counseling as Community Organization
View Filepdf2002 Addiction Treatment in the United States
View Filepdf2002 Adolescent Recovery Management
View Filepdf2002 Alcohol Problems in Native America
View Filepdf2003 Adolescent Gender Differences
View Filepdf2003 Future of Addiction Treatment
View Filepdf2003 Medicinal Specifics as Addiction Cures
View Filepdf2003 Predicting Adolescent Violence
View Filepdf2004 Addiction Recovery Mutual Aid Groups
View Filepdf2004 History of Transformational Change
View Filepdf2004 Lessons of Language
View Filepdf2004 Native American Addiction
View Filepdf2004 Teaching Addiction Treatment Recovery History
View Filepdf2005 All in the Family
View Filepdf2005 Clinican Attitudes toward Twelve Step Groups
View Filepdf2005 Ethical Issues in Longitudinal Studies
View Filepdf2005 History of Recovery as an Organizing Concept
View Filepdf2005 The Other Side of Burnout
View Filepdf2006 12 Step Fellowships and Quality of Life
View Filepdf2006 Brown Uninversity Addiction Studies Collections
View Filepdf2006 Publishing Addiction Science
View Filepdf2006 Recovery Across the Life Cycle
View Filepdf2006 Spirituality and Recovery
View Filepdf2006 Varieties of Recovery Experience
View Filepdf2007 Betty Ford Institute Recovery Definition
View Filepdf2007 Conversation with William L. White
View Filepdf2007 History of the Journal of Inebriety
View Filepdf2007 New Addiction Recovery Advocacy Movement Essay
View Filepdf2007 Profile High Risk DUI Offender
View Filepdf2007 Recovery and Service Integration
View Filepdf2007 Recovery Meetings for Youths
View Filepdf2007 Recovery Vision in Mental Health & Addiction Fields
View Filepdf2007 Recovery: Definition & Conceptual Boundaries
View Filepdf2008 ATOD Use & Addiction Professionals
View Filepdf2008 Recovery Capital as Recovery Predictor
View Filepdf2008 Recovery Management & Communties of Color
View Filepdf2008 Recovery: Old Wine or New Paradigm?
View Filepdf2008 Spiritual Guidance & Long term Recovery
View Filepdf2008 Twelve Defining Moments in AA History
View Filepdf2008 Why Addiction Medicine?
View Filepdf2009 Addiction Medicine in America
View Filepdf2009 Extending the Benefits of Addiction Treatment
View Filepdf2009 Mobilization of Community to Support Long-term Recovery
View Filepdf2009 Neurobiology of Recovery Commentary
View Filepdf2009 Physicians' Health Programs Evaluation
View Filepdf2009 Recovery and Quality of Life
View Filepdf2010 AA, Global Health and Quality of Life
View Filepdf2010 Addiction Recovery Support Services
View Filepdf2010 Critique of UK Recovery Movement
View Filepdf2010 Enabling or Engaging
View Filepdf2010 Language Abuse
View Filepdf2010 Non-clinical Recovery Support Services
View Filepdf2010 Perceptions of 12-Step Interventions in the UK
View Filepdf2010 What are Your Priorites?
View Filepdf2011 Addiction Recovery in Glasgow
View Filepdf2011 Emerging UK Recovery Movement
View Filepdf2011 How AA and NA Work
View Filepdf2011 Mapping Recovery Stories in Glasgow
View Filepdf2011 Recovery Group Participation Scale
View Filepdf2011 What is Recovery (Birmingham, England Perspectives)
View Filepdf2012 AA Participation & Long term Recovery Outcomes
View Filepdf2012 Are AA and NA Skies Falling?
View Filepdf2012 Broadening the Base of Addiction Mutual Aid
View Filepdf2012 Ethnic-Specifc Recovery Support
View Filepdf2012 Mel Schulstad Tribute
View Filepdf2012 New Addiction Recovery Support Institutions
View Filepdf2012 Perspectives on Medication-assisted Recovery
View Filepdf2012 Recovery Capital Scale Psychometrics
View Filepdf2012 Recovery Management for the Homeless
View Filepdf2012 Well-being and Recovery Functioning
View Filepdf2013 AA Participation & 10-year Outcomes
View Filepdf2013 Co-participation in 12-Step Groups and Methadone Maintenance
View Filepdf2013 Community as Patient Recovery-focused Community Mobilization
View Filepdf2013 Loss of Addiction Treatment & Recovery Pioneers
View Filepdf2013 Parenting Skills Education in Addiction Treatment
View Filepdf2013 Recovery Champions in the UK
View Filepdf2013 Recovery Communities as Indigenous Cultures
View Filepdf2013 Recovery Prevalence and Health Profile of People in Recovery
View Filepdf2013 Recovery Residences and Long-term Addiction Recovery
View Filepdf2013 Reflections on the Loss of Addiction Libraries & Databases
View Filepdf2014 Contrasting Peer and Professional Models of Recovery Support
View Filepdf2014 David Powell Tribute
View Filepdf2014 Effects of Abstinence or Drug Use on Retention of MMT Patients
View Filepdf2014 Ernest Kurtz Historian as Storyteller & Healer
View Filepdf2014 Gendered Members of Alcoholics Anonymous
View Filepdf2014 NA and Abstinence Outcomes of MMT Patients
View Filepdf2014 Recovery Agenda, Shared Role of Peers and Professionals
View Filepdf2014 Recovery Support for Adolescents with Substance Use Disorders
View Filepdf2014 Secular, Spiritual & Religious Pathways of Addiction Recovery
View Filepdf2014 The History of Addiction Medicine
View Filepdf2014 The Recovery Community Center
View Filepdf2015 Congress 60 Recovery Community in the Islamic Republic of Iran
View Filepdf2015 Ernest (Ernie) Kurtz. 1935-2015
View Filepdf2015 Kurtz and White Recovery Spirituality
View Filepdf2015 Recovery-focused Addiction Psychiatry: Dr. Marvin Seppala Interview
View Filepdf2015 Three Missing Elements of SUD Treatment
View Filepdf2016 Narcotics Anonymous and Recovery from Opioid Addiction
View Filepdf2016 Smoking Cessation within Iranian Recovery Community (Congress 60)
View Filepdf2017 Brief Assessment of Recovery Capital
View Filepdf2017 Prevalence, Pathways, and Predictors of Recovery
View Filepdf2019 Citizenship Prevalence in Addiction Recovery
View Filepdf2019 Cross-cultural Applicability of 12-Step Model
View Filepdf2019 How Many Recovery Attempts?
View Filepdf2019 Medical Burden of Disease among Individuals in Recovery
View Filepdf2019 Volunteer Recovery Support for Adolescents Design
View Filepdf2021 Volunteer Recovery Support for Adolescents Outcomes
View Filepdf2020 Narrative and Evidence-based Addiction Medicine
View Filepdf2020 The Construct of God in Narcotics Anonymous
View Filepdf2021 Achievements in Recovery Study
View Filepdf2021 NA Participation During the Covid-19 Pandemic
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