Selected Papers of William L. White

Senior Research Consultant

Chestnut Health Systems


Recovery Advocacy Articles

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View Filepdf1998 Bill Moyers interviewing Bill White
View Filepdf2000 Toward a New Recovery Movement
View Filepdf2001 New Recovery Advocacy Movement: Call to Service
View Filepdf2001 Recovery Summit Closing Speech
View Filepdf2001 Rhetoric of Recovery Advocacy
View Filepdf2002 Recovery as a Heroic Journey
View Filepdf2002 Recovery Language Glossary
View Filepdf2004 Intervention Keeley Style
View Filepdf2004 Radical Recovery
View Filepdf2004 Recovery: The Next Frontier
View Filepdf2004 Tales from a Jag House
View Filepdf2004 Toward a Recovery Lexicon
View Filepdf2004 Treatment Works: Time for a New Slogan
View Filepdf2005 A New Recovery Advocacy Movement
View Filepdf2005 A Question of Justice
View Filepdf2005 All in the Family
View Filepdf2005 History of Recovery as an Organizing Concept
View Filepdf2005 Jacoby Club & AA
View Filepdf2005 Recovery Advocacy Is NOT A Recovery Program
View Filepdf2005 Recovery Celebrations
View Filepdf2005 Secrets of A A.'s Survival
View Filepdf2005 Stop Kicking People Out of Addiction Treatment
View Filepdf2005 The Drunkard's Club
View Filepdf2005 The State of the Movement
View Filepdf2006 Believe It Or Not
View Filepdf2006 Confessions of an AA History Buff
View Filepdf2006 Recovery in Native America
View Filepdf2006 Sponsorship & Peer Recovery Support Serices
View Filepdf2006 The Varieties of Recovery Experience
View Filepdf2007 Adolescent Recovery Research Agenda
View Filepdf2007 Defining the Recovery Community Organization
View Filepdf2007 Listening to Meth
View Filepdf2007 Neurobiology of Addiction Recovery
View Filepdf2007 Why We Worry about Words
View Filepdf2008 AA and the Peer Support Revolution
View Filepdf2008 American Culture of Recovery
View Filepdf2008 Intergenerational Resilience and Recovery
View Filepdf2008 Recovery and Public Service
View Filepdf2009 Authenticity of Recovery Community Organizations
View Filepdf2009 Language On Consumer
View Filepdf2009 Medication & Recovery
View Filepdf2009 Reducing Social Stigma
View Filepdf2009 Relapse after Prolonged Addiction Recovery
View Filepdf2009 Stigma & Methadone
View Filepdf2010 Guest ONDCP Blog - Focus on Recovery
View Filepdf2010 Language Abuse
View Filepdf2010 Message to UK Recovery Academy
View Filepdf2010 Recovery and Citizenship
View Filepdf2010 Recovery is Contagious
View Filepdf2010 Relapse is NOT Part of Recovery
View Filepdf2010 Rethinking the Relapse Language
View Filepdf2010 Today We Stand (National Rally for Recovery)
View Filepdf2011 A Tribute to Lisa Mojer-Torres
View Filepdf2011 Bamber-White Dialogue II Inside the Recovery Revolution
View Filepdf2011 Basketball & Addiction Recovery in Philadelphia
View Filepdf2011 Celebrating the Varieties of Recovery Experience
View Filepdf2011 Parenting in the Context of Addiction Recovery
View Filepdf2011 Recovery Journalism
View Filepdf2011 Remarks Welsh Council on Alcohol and Other Drugs
View Filepdf2011 Smoking and Addiction Recovery (For People in Recovery)
View Filepdf2012 Intergenerational Resilience & Recovery
View Filepdf2012 Recovery Carriers
View Filepdf2012 Recovery Radio in Philadelphia
View Filepdf2012 Why Recovery, Why Now
View Filepdf2013 Chronology of New Addiction Recovery Advocacy Movement
View Filepdf2013 Heroism and Addiction Recovery Revisited
View Filepdf2013 Myths to Recovery By
View Filepdf2013 State of the New Recovery Advocacy Movement
View Filepdf2014 Interview with William White Recovery Research Institute
View Filepdf2014 The Media and Addiction Recovery
View Filepdf2014 Tribute to the Recovery Movement
View Filepdf2014 Young People in the New Recovery Advocacy Movement
View Filepdf2015 LGBT and Recovery Advocacy Movements
View Filepdf2017 Troubling Directions in U.S. Drug Policy
View Filepdf2019 Recovery Revolution Basics
View Filepdf2020 Collegiate Recovery Programs to Recovery Studies
View Filepdf2020 Disaster Relief and People in Recovery
View Filepdf2020 Recovery after the Pandemic
View Filepdf2020 The Digitalization of Recovery: Supporting those Left Behind
View Filepdf2021 Addiction and Recovery in American Comic Books and Graphic Novels
View Filepdf2021 Addiction Risk Factors and Recovery Story Construction
View Filepdf2021 New Recovery Advocacy Movement: A Twenty-Year Retrospective
View Filepdf2021 Personal Privacy and Public Recovery Advocacy
View Filepdf2021 Recovery Space in Educational Settings
View Filepdf2021 Reflections on the Anniversary of the 2001 Recovery Summit
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