Selected Papers of William L. White

Senior Research Consultant

Chestnut Health Systems


Recovery Management

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View Filepdf2000 Behavioral Health Recovery Management Project
View Filepdf2001 Campus as a Recovery Community
View Filepdf2002 Behavioral Health Recovery Management Principles
View Filepdf2002 Recovery Management Definition
View Filepdf2003 Addiction as a Chronic Disease
View Filepdf2003 History of Aftercare
View Filepdf2003 Recovery Management
View Filepdf2004 Peer Recovery Support Services
View Filepdf2004 Recovery Coaching
View Filepdf2004 Recovery from Addiction & Mental Ilness
View Filepdf2004 Recovery Management & Communities of Color
View Filepdf2004 Recovery Management Checkups
View Filepdf2004 Role of Community in Recovery
View Filepdf2005 Addiction Treatment Outcomes
View Filepdf2005 Recovery Management GLATTC Bulletin
View Filepdf2005 Stop Kicking People Out of Addiction Treatment
View Filepdf2005 Treatment Recovery Community
View Filepdf2006 Chronic Addiction & Recovery Management
View Filepdf2006 Post-treatment Monitoring & Support
View Filepdf2006 Recovery Linkage Monograph
View Filepdf2006 Science of Recovery Management Monograph
View Filepdf2006 Systems Transformation
View Filepdf2007 A Recovery Revolution in Philadelphia
View Filepdf2007 Chronic Addiction Recovery Management
View Filepdf2007 Ethics of Peer-based Services
View Filepdf2007 HBO From Treatment to Sustained Recovery
View Filepdf2007 Philosophy of Choice
View Filepdf2007 Recovery and Service Integration
View Filepdf2007 Recovery Community Linkage Monograph
View Filepdf2007 Recovery Oriented Clinical Supervision
View Filepdf2007 Recovery-Focused Systems Transformation
View Filepdf2007 Role of Clients in Recovery Oriented Systems
View Filepdf2007 Women's Recovery Community Center
View Filepdf2008 Recovery Capital Primer
View Filepdf2008 Recovery Management Monograph
View Filepdf2008 White McLellan Chronic Disease Paper
View Filepdf2009 Peer Recovery Support Monograph Executive Summary
View Filepdf2009 Peer-Based Recovery Support Services
View Filepdf2009 Recovery Resource Mapping
View Filepdf2009 Recovery Revolution Children & Adolescents
View Filepdf2009 Role of Addiction Medicine in ROSC
View Filepdf2009 Role of Partnership in ROSC
View Filepdf2010 Community Recovery
View Filepdf2010 Recovery in Addiction and Mental Health
View Filepdf2010 Research for Recovery Executive Summary
View Filepdf2010 Research for Recovery Full Report
View Filepdf2010 Role of Physicians in Addiction Recovery Management
View Filepdf2011 Recovery Coaching Interview
View Filepdf2011 Rural Recovery Resources
View Filepdf2011 Telephone Recovery Checkups
View Filepdf2011 The Art of Recovery in Philadelphia
View Filepdf2012 A Primer on Recovery Residences
View Filepdf2012 Commentary on Service Integration Iniatiatives
View Filepdf2012 Historical Perspectives on Addiction Recovery Support
View Filepdf2012 Primer on Recovery Residences
View Filepdf2012 Recovery Management Service Design Matrices
View Filepdf2012 Recovery Orientation in Methadone Maintenance
View Filepdf2012 Recovery/Remission from Substance Use Disorders: An Analysis of Reported Outcomes in 415 Scientific Studies, 1868-2011
View Filepdf2013 Assessment of Recovery Capital Scale
View Filepdf2013 Betty Ford Institute Consensus Statement on Recovery Support Services
View Filepdf2013 Recovery Focused Knowledge
View Filepdf2013 Recovery Prevalence and Health Profile of People in Recovery
View Filepdf2013 ROSC Definition Elaboration
View Filepdf2013 Systems Perspective on Recovery-oriented Practice
View Filepdf2013 Recovery and Harm Reduction In Philadelphia
View Filepdf2014 Breaking Intergenerational Cycles of Addiction
View Filepdf2014 Integration of Peer Recovery Supports within Philadelphia's Crisis Response Centers
View Filepdf2014 Outreach Services and Recovery Management in Philadelphia
View Filepdf2015 Three Missing Elements of SUD Treatment
View Filepdf2016 Recovery Coach (Role Clarity Matrix)
View Filepdf2018 Smartphone SUD Recovery App Demonstration Project
View Filepdf2018 Strengths Planning for Building Recovery Capital
View Filepdf2019 Further Reflections on Addiction Treatment Medications
View Filepdf2019 Recovery Revolution Basics
View Filepdf2019 ROSC Measures for Children, Adolescents, Transition Age Youth, and Families (Ohio)
View Filepdf2021 Digital Addiction Recovery Support: Profile of
View Filepdf2021 Recovery Research Bibliography
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