Selected Papers of William L. White

Senior Research Consultant

Chestnut Health Systems

Recovery Toolkit

View Filepdf10 Tips for Talking to Your Parents about Recovery
View Filepdf12 Tips on Sleep and Early Recovery
View FilepdfAdolescents & Recovery Support Groups
View FilepdfAssertive Continuing Care Checklist
View FilepdfAvoiding Toxic Relationships in Recovery
View FilepdfCharacteristics of Successful Adult and Adolescent Treatment Programs
View FilepdfCulture of Addiction Enmeshment Scale
View FilepdfEthnic Minorities & Recovery Support
View FilepdfEvaluating the Quality of Sponsorship and other Peer Guidance Relationships
View FilepdfFamily Network Checklist
View FilepdfGender Specific Treatment
View FilepdfHard Core Drinking Driver Profile Checklist
View FilepdfInterview Protocol Past Recovery Efforts
View FilepdfMedications Used in the Treatment of Addiction
View FilepdfMeth Myths
View FilepdfModeration or Abstinence Goal
View FilepdfOccupational Recovery Support Groups
View FilepdfReadiness to Recovery Checklist
View FilepdfRecovery Capital Scale
View FilepdfRecovery Definition UKDPC recovery consensus group
View FilepdfRecovery Literature for Young People
View FilepdfRecovery Participation Scale
View FilepdfRecovery Safety Plan
View FilepdfRecovery Support Group History
View FilepdfRecovery Support Matching
View FilepdfRecovery-themed Music CDs
View FilepdfReligious Alternatives to Twelve Step Programs
View FilepdfSchool-based Recovery Programs
View FilepdfSecular Alternatives to Twelve Step Programs
View FilepdfThe Social Network Diagram
View FilepdfThose Other Drugs
View FilepdfTips for Recovering Parents
View FilepdfTransformational Change Checklist
View FilepdfWeekly Recovery Activity Checklist
View FilepdfWomen and Recovery Support Groups
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Selected Papers of William L. White