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pptYouth Recovery Support Services Research Godley 2008
View FilepdfYouth Recovery Report Draft 2011
pptYouth in Recovery Williams & Thompson 2010
View FilepdfYouth in Recovery de Miranda & Williams 2011
View FilepdfWIRCO Dane County Recovery Support Center 2017
View FilepdfWhat Are Peer Recovery Support Services 2009
View FilepdfVermont Recovery Coaching Evaluation 2013
View FilepdfUNODC Sustained Recovery Management 2008
View FilepdfUN Policy Statement on Recovery 2014
pptUK The Year of Recovery Gilman 2010
View FilepdfUK The Story of Wired In Clark 2008
pptUK The Recovery Journey Best 2008
View FilepdfUK The Politics of Recovery 2009
View FilepdfUK Supporting the Supporters Policy Briefing ----
View FilepdfUK Stigma Expert Commentary 2010
View FilepdfUK Service User Involvement-in Addiction Treatment 2015
View FilepdfUK Scotland's Metling the Iceberg Report 2010
View FilepdfUK Scotland Reducing Harm & Promoting Recovery 2007
View FilepdfUK Road to Recovery Scottish Government 2008
View FilepdfUK Recovery-oriented Drug Treatment BMJ 2011
View FilepdfUK Recovery Research Scotland Report 2010
View FilepdfUK Recovery oriented Drug Treatment 2011
View FilepdfUK Recovery from Drug and Alcohol Dependence 2012
View FilepdfUK Recovery Federation Draft Mission Plan Feb 1 2011
View FilepdfUK Recovery Communites Evaluation 2016
pptxUK Recovery and Older People Read & Sole 2010
View FilepdfUK Recovery Academy Inaugural Newsletter 2010
View FilepdfUK Recovery Academy Conference 2011
View FilepdfUK Recovery Academy Conference 2010
View FilepdfUK Recovery Academy Bamber & Best 2009
View FilepdfUK Recovery & Drug Treatment Wardle 2009
View FilepdfUK Quality Alcohol Treatment and Support 2011
View FilepdfUK Putting Full Recovery First Survey 2012
View FilepdfUK Putting Full Recovery First 2012
View FilepdfUK NTA Medications in Recovery mainreport- 2012
View FilepdfUK NTA Medications in Recovery Evidence Summary James Bell- 2012
View FilepdfUK NTA Commisioning for Recovery 2010
View FilepdfUK Models of Recovery Summary Best 2013
View FilepdfUK Maping Your Recovery Journey, Wales, Best 2011
View FilepdfUK Life in Recovery Survey Summary 2015
View FilepdfUK Life in Recovery Survey Full Report 2015
View FilepdfUK Guidelines on Clinical Management of Drug Dependence 2017
View FilepdfUK Getting Serious about Stigma Overview ----
View FilepdfUK Family Recovery Report Scottish Recovery Network 2009
View FilepdfUK Family Recovery Report Scotland 2009
View FilepdfUK Families of Drug Users Research Report ----
View FilepdfUK Everyday Lives of Recovering Heroin Users Neale, Nettleton & Pickering ----
View FilepdfUK Drug Strategy 2017 2017
View FilepdfUK Building Recovery in Communities Drug Scope 2011
View FilepdfUK Building for Recovery Drug Scope 2012
pptUK Asset Based Community Recovery 2010
View FilepdfUK ASMD Second Report of the Recovery Committee 2013
View FilepdfU S. National Drug Control Strategy 2012
View FilepdfTRI Advancing Quality Interventions for Adolescents 2014
View FilepdfTransportation Support & Addiction Recovery (Scotland 2018) 2018
View FilepdfTransforming Youth Recovery Strategic Plan ----
View FilepdfTowards Recovery Competencies 2009
View FilepdfThe Scottish Recovery Workbook 2017
View FilepdfTexas ROSC Evaluation Report 2016
View FilepdfTASC Recovery Coach Outcomes 2012
View FilepdfTaking Peer Supports into the 21st Century 2010
View FilepdfSurgeon General's Spotlight on Opioids 2018
View FilepdfSurgeon General Report Facing Addiction in America Executive Summary 2016
View FilepdfSurgeon General Report Facing Addiction in America 2016
View FilepdfSurgeon General Report Chapter Five Recovery 2016
View FilepdfStrengthening Ties to the Recovery Community 2006
View FilepdfState of Recovery Schools Biennial Report 2016
View FilepdfSOME Clean & Sober Housing Report 2017
View FilepdfSocial Model Recovery Bibliography ----
pptSmoking & Recovery Stuyt ----
View FilepdfSioux Falls Face It Story 2010
View FilepdfService Integration in Pennsylvania, King 2011 2011
View FilepdfScottish Review of Medication-assisted Treatment 2013
View FilepdfScotland Recovery Summit 2013 The Next Chapter 2013
View FilepdfScotland Recovery Proclamation 2018
View FilepdfScotland Recovery Consortium The Story So Far 2013
View FilepdfSBIRT Funding for Youth 2018 2018
View FilepdfSAMHSA Value of Peer Support Infograph 2017
View FilepdfSAMHSA Trauma Informed Systems of Care 2014
View FilepdfSAMHSA Supporting Recovery in Acute & ER Settings 2018
View FilepdfSAMHSA Self Directed Care Service Definition 2011
View FilepdfSAMHSA ROSC Resource Guide 2010
View FilepdfSAMHSA Relapse Prevention Wellness Recovery Support Definition 2011
View FilepdfSAMHSA Recovery Research Report 2018 1970
View FilepdfSAMHSA Recovery Report on Adolescents and Transitional Age Youth ----
View FilepdfSAMHSA Recovery Pathways Report 2010
View FilepdfSAMHSA Recovery Housing Best Practices 2019
View FilepdfSAMHSA Recovery Definition & Principles 2009
View FilepdfSAMHSA Recovery Definition 2012
View FilepdfSAMHSA Promoting Peer Recovery Support Services 2012
pptxSAMHSA Peer Support Services 2013
View FilepdfSAMHSA Peer Recovery Support Coaching Definition 2011
View FilepdfSAMHSA Peer Operated Recovery Center Services Definition 2011
View FilepdfSAMHSA ONDCP National Recovery Summit Report 2010
View FilepdfSAMHSA Medications for Opioid Use Disorder 2018
View FilepdfSAMHSA Medication-assisted Recovery Essays 2011
View FilepdfSAMHSA Equipping Behavioral Health Systems to Promote Peer Services 2012
View FilepdfSAMHSA Core Competencies for Peer Workers 2015
View FilepdfSAMHSA BH Peer Navigator Definition 2011
jpgROSC-modified Treatment Works Poster ----
View FilepdfROSC Workshop Republic of the Marshall Islands 2012
View FilepdfROSC Vision Flaherty 2007
View FilepdfROSC Resource Guide SAMHSA 2010
View FilepdfROSC Research 2009
View FilepdfROSC Recovery Community Perspective, Pennsylvania 2010
View FilepdfROSC Practice Guidelines CT 2006
pptROSC New York, McNeil 2010
View FilepdfROSC Michigan Glossary of Terms ----
View FilepdfROSC Measures for Children, Adolescents, Transition Age Youth, and Families (Ohio) 2019
View FilepdfROSC Lessons from the States 2008
View FilepdfROSC In Ohio Recovery is Beautiful 2014
pptROSC in Hancock County, Ohio Flaherty 2013
View FilepdfROSC Implementation Kirk, Evans & Dailey 2005
View FilepdfROSC Implementation in Detroit, Andre Johnson ----
pptROSC Detroit Implications for Prevention, Calvin Trent ----
View FilepdfROSC Case Studies 2009
View FilepdfROSC Article NC Medical Journal Cotter 2009
View FilepdfROSC A Recovery Community Perspective 2010
View FilepdfROSC & Recovery Community Faces & Voices of Recovery ----
View FilepdfROSC & Health Care Reform Evans 2011
View FilepdfROMM Best Practice Standards 2012
View FilepdfRM & ROSC Implementation Centerstone of Indiana ----
View FilepdfRM & Heatlh Care Reform Faces & Voices of Recovery 2010
View FilepdfResearch for Recovery Main Report Best 2010
pptResearch Base for Recovery Support Flaherty 2007
pptxRecvoery Residence Challenges Sheridan 2012
View FilepdfRecovery-oriented Research ----
View FilepdfRecovery-oriented Methadone Services 2011
View FilepdfRecovery-oriented Methadone Maintenance Best Practice Guidelines 2014
View FilepdfRecovery within Correctional Supervision 2012
pptRecovery Survey 2004
View FilepdfRecovery Survey 2008
View FilepdfRecovery Support Services National Perspective Clark ----
View FilepdfRecovery Support Services Briefing Paper 2007
View FilepdfRecovery Support Research Review Recovery Research Institute 2018
View FilepdfRecovery Summit Report 2001
pptmRecovery School Step-Upl Hadden & Washburn 2009
View FilepdfRecovery Residences Suggested Practices MAT 2018
pptxRecovery Residence Standards Fisher 2012
View FilepdfRecovery Residence Draft Practice Guidelines SAMHSA 2019
View FilepdfRecovery Research Agenda 2010
View FilepdfRecovery Planning Best & Selkirk 2011
pptRecovery Mutual Aid Societies Humphreys 2009
View FilepdfRecovery Movement 2015
View FilepdfRecovery Measures Laudet 2009
pptRecovery Management Checkups Dennis & Scott 2008
View FilepdfRecovery Management Checkup Manual, Scott & Dennis 2003
View FilepdfRecovery Definition White 2007
View FilepdfRecovery Definition UKDPC ----
View FilepdfRecovery Definition Scotland ----
View FilepdfRecovery Definition SAMHSA 2012
pptxRecovery Definition Ken Anderson Harm Reduction Perspective 2014
View FilepdfRecovery Definition CSAT ----
View FilepdfRecovery Definition Betty Ford Institute 2007
View FilepdfRecovery Community Center Role Clarity Valentine 2014
View FilepdfRecovery Coaching VT Evaluation 2012
View FilepdfRecovery Coaching Support Tool VT 2011
View FilepdfRecovery Coaching Manual Loveland & Boyle 2005
View FilepdfRecovery Coaching Hill 2011
View FilepdfRecovery Coaches in Opioid Use Disorder Care UMass 2018
View FilepdfRecovery Coaches & Health Care System McDaid 2011
View FilepdfRecovery Coach Roles & Responsibilities Coyhis ----
View FilepdfRecovery as an Organizing Integrating Principle Davidson ----
View FilepdfRecovery Annotated Bibliography Bott & Warner ----
pptRecovery & Prevention Flaherty 2012
View FilepdfRecovery & Harm Reduction Bamber 2012
View FilepdfProvider Approaches to ROSC 2009
View FilepdfPromoting Recovery Coaching & Peer Services 2012
pptPromoting A Client-centered ROSC Borys 2010
pptProcess of Recovery Laudet 2005
View FilepdfPrevention, Recovery & Resilient Communities, Flaherty 2013
View FilepdfPresidential Commission Report on Opioid Addiction 2017
View FilepdfPhiladelphia, Dr. Arthur Evans ROSC & Health Reform 2011
View FilepdfPhiladelphia's Person In Recovery Survey ----
pptPhiladelphia Transformation Process 2007
View FilepdfPhiladelphia Practice Guidelines 2011
View FilepdfPhiladelphia Person First Assessment Tool ----
View FilepdfPhiladelphia Peer Specialist Job Description ----
View FilepdfPhiladelphia Peer Leadership Tool ----
View FilepdfPhiladelphia OAS Advisory Board Goals Objectives 2008
View FilepdfPhiladelphia Integrated ROSC Model ----
View FilepdfPhiladelphia Holisitic Care Tool ----
View FilepdfPhiladelphia DBH Recovery Blueprint 2007
View FilepdfPhiladelphia Child Adolescent Services Considerations 2011
pptxPhiladelphia Building a Community of Recovery Lamb 2012
View FilepdfPennsylvania Core Competencies for Recovery Support Service Supervision 2017
View FilepdfPeer Support Services ABHW Report 2013
View FilepdfPeer Support National Guidelines 2013
View FilepdfPeer Supervision Competencies 2017
View FilepdfPeer Services Compensation Report 2012
View FilepdfPeer Recovery Support Toolkit 2015
View FilepdfPeer Recovery Support Survey 2011
View FilepdfPeer Recovery Support Servies & Health Reform 2010
View FilepdfPeer Recovery Support Services for Transition Age Youth Best Practices 2017
pptPeer Recovery Support Hill 2010
View FilepdfPeer Recovery Coaching Services SAMHSA 2012
View FilepdfPeer Integration Toolkit New York 2018
View FilepdfPeer Code of Ethics Ohio ----
View FilepdfPA ROSC Community Perspective 2010
View FilepdfOxford House Tennessee Evaluation 2016
View FilepdfOxford House Research Review OH Convention 2012
pptOxford House Orientation 2012
View FilepdfOxford House Manual 2010
View FilepdfOxford House Louisiana Evaluation 2016
View FilepdfOxford House Convention Program 2018 2018
View FilepdfOxford House Annual Report 2015 2015
View FilepdfOxford House Annual Report 2012
View FilepdfOxford House Annual Report 2011
View FilepdfOxford House Annual Report 2018
View FilepdfOxford House 2010
pptOur Stories Have Power 2009
View FilepdfOregon Smartphone Recovery App Project 2018
View FilepdfOperationalizing ROSC SAMHSA 2012
View FilepdfONDCP Recovery Strategy 2010
View FilepdfONDCP New Recovery Paradigm 2012
View FilepdfONDCP National Drug Control Strategy 2013
View FilepdfNIDA Princples of Effective Treatment 2009
View FilepdfNCADD Consumer Guide to Medication-assisted Recovery 2011
View FilepdfNational Practice Guidelines for Recovery Peer Supporters 2013
View FilepdfNational Heroin Task Force Report 2015
View FilepdfNational Education & Advocacy Project 2006
View FilepdfNational Association of Recovery Residences White Paper 2017
View FilepdfMultiple Pathways of Recovery Guide 2018 2018
View FilepdfMental Health & Addiction Recovery Contrasted 2010
View FilepdfMedications in Recovery Commentary ----
View FilepdfMedications for Opioid Use Disorder 2019
View FilepdfMedication-assisted Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorders 2015
View FilepdfMedication-assisted Recovery Peer Support in Maine 2012
View FilepdfMedication-Assisted Recovery & Recovery Residences 2019
View FilepdfMedication-assisted Recovery ----
View FilepdfMcShin Recovery Coach Manual 2010
pptManaging the Recovery Life Cycle Dennis 2008
View FilepdfLife in Recovery Survey Study 2013
pptLeading ROSC Transformation Efforts Evans 2008
View FilepdfJourney to ROSC Kirk 2006
View FilepdfIslamic Recovery Dr. Imam Hamzah Alameen 2019
View FilepdfIslamic Perspective on Addiction and Recovery 2018
View FilepdfIntroduction RM & ROSC Resource Library ----
View FilepdfInnovations in Recovery Management 2010
View FilepdfIBH New Paradigm for Recovery Report 2014
View FilepdfIBH Creating a New Standard for Addiction Treatment Outcomes 2014
View FilepdfHancock County OH ROSC Preamble 2015
View FilepdfHancock County OH ROSC Implementation Scorecard Sample 2015
View FilepdfHancock County OH ROSC Implementation Plan 2015
View FilepdfHancock County OH Recovery Guide Draft 2015
View FilepdfHancock County OH Opiate Treatment Philosophy 2015 Draft 2015
View FilepdfGlobal Commission on Drug Policy Stigma Report 2017 2017
View FilepdfGender-specific Recovery Support Services 2007
View FilepdfGAO Report on Recovery Residences 2018 2018
pptFlaherty SAMHSA Great Lakes ATTC Recovery and Prevention Presentation 2012
View FilepdfFinancing Recovery Support Services 2010
pptmFinancing Recovery Management Flaherty 2004
View FilepdfEducation & Recovery Capital, Keane 2011
pptxE-ROSC Presentation Centerstone of Indiana 2012
View FilepdfDraft Core Competencies for Peers Working in the CJ System 2017
pptDr. Achara on ROSC Transformation Steps 2010
View FilepdfDisease Management Approach to Recovery from Addiction ----
View FilepdfDefinition of Recovery England ----
View FilepdfDefinition of Recovery Australia 2012
View FilepdfDefinition of Recovery 2010 Recovery Summit 2010
View FilepdfCT ROSC Practice Guidelines 2008
View FilepdfCT Recovery-oriented Employment Toolkit ----
View FilepdfCT Recovery Assessment Tool Provider ----
View FilepdfCT Recovery Assessment Tool Person in Recovery ----
View FilepdfCT Recovery Assessment Tool Family ----
View FilepdfCT Recovery Assessment Tool Administrators ----
pptCT Dr. Tom Kirk on ROSC 2011
View FilepdfCSAT ROSC Guiding Principles 2009
View FilepdfCSAT ROSC for Adolescents and Young Adults 2009
View FilepdfCSAT ROSC Definition ----
View FilepdfCSAT Role of Recovery Support in ROSC Kaplan 2008
View FilepdfCSAT Recovery Pathways Report 2010
View FilepdfCSAT RCSP Lessons Learned 2001
View FilepdfCSAT RCSP Description ----
View FilepdfCSAT Perspectices on Peer Recovery Support Services 2013
View FilepdfCSAT Peer Recovery Support 2005
View FilepdfCSAT Mutual Support Groups 2008
View FilepdfCSAT E-Therapy 2009
View FilepdfCriminalization of Addiction Privilege and Recovery Poulos 2017
View FilepdfCompensation of Peer Specialists 2016
View FilepdfCommunity Care Best Practice Guidelines for Buprenorphine and Suboxone 2014
View FilepdfCollegiate Recovery Census 2017 2017
pptCCAR Telephone Support Training 2005
View FilepdfCCAR Peer Code of Ethics 2003
View FilepdfCCAR Annual Report 2011
View FilepdfCanadian National Recovery Summit 2015 Statement 2015
View FilepdfCanadian Life in Recovery Survey Report 2017
View FilepdfCanadian Life in Recovery Survey Infographic 2017
View FilepdfCanadian Life in Recovery Survey Full Report 2017 2017
View FilepdfCanadian Life in Recovery Survey Executive Summary 2017
View FilepdfCan We Measure Recovery 2000
View FilepdfCampus Recovery Programs Laitman 2010
View FilepdfBuilding Peer Support Programs 2006
View FilepdfBuilding a Science of Recovery Laudet 2008
View FilepdfBHRM Relapse Prevention Therapy Marlatt & Colleagues ----
View FilepdfBHRM Motivational Interviewing Guidelines Squires & Moyers ----
View FilepdfBHRM Linking Addiction Treatment with Primary Care ----
View FilepdfBHRM Getting Started with Medication-Assisted Treatment ----
View FilepdfBHRM Contingency Management Guidelines Petry ----
View FilepdfBHRM Community Reinforcement Approach Meyers & Squires ----
pptBehavioral Health Recovery Management Boyle 2005
View FilepdfAustralian Life In Recovery Survey 2015
View FilepdfAustralian Drug Policy - harm reduction and new recovery 2012
View FilepdfAustralia Alcohol and Drug Treatment Reform 2012
View FilepdfAustralia AIVL New Recovery Policy Statement 2012
View FilepdfAustrailia New Directions for Alcohol and Drug Treatment 2012
View FilepdfATR Approaches to ROSC 2009
pptAssertive Recovery Management for Adolescents 2004
pptAssertive Continuing Care for Adolescents Godley et al 2004
View FilepdfASAM Recovery Terminology 2013 2013
View FilepdfASAM Recovery Definition 2005
View FilepdfASAM Practice Guideline for Opioid Treatment 2015
View FilepdfAlumni Survey & Recovery Wall, Contra Costa County, CA ----
View FilepdfAlternative Peer Groups 2014
View FilepdfAddressing Opioid Use in Criminal Justice & Child Welfare Settings 2019
View FilepdfAddictions Mutual Aid - Overview of Evidence for the UK ----
View FilepdfAddiction Recovery A Contagious Paradigm 2014
View FilepdfAccess to Recovery Clark 2006
View FilepdfAATOD’s Response to DATA 2000 2016
View FilepdfAATOD 2019 MAT Policy Statement 2019
View FilepdfA Primer on Recovery Residences 2012
View FilepdfA Brief History of Youth Recovery Supports 2017
View Filepdf4D Youth Recovery Center Impact Report 2017
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